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How To Rock A Bomber Jacket In 2017!

we all know that 2016 was the year of the bomber jacket. you love them, i love them, everybody loves them! i even already had one five years ago. it's not too heavy, not too light, which is why i wore it proudly almost every day in my last year of school. i was so happy that last year was the year again. whether leather, oversized or velvet, the bomber is in!

with a new year brings new trends, this one needs to stay in 2017! it's cool, it's chic, it's easy to combine with other pieces like teaming it with mini-skirts, boyfriend jeans or even culottes. my style picks is wearing sweater or a striped tee. and the final touch lies in the boots. 

my tips? 
choose a bucket bag or a bagpack because it's just perfect to create a streetstyle look with the bomber jacket!

the key is to keep it simple! black boots, black culottes, black bagpack and striped off-the-shoulder top! and of course, chocker!

i LOVE this outfit! this blue satin bomber jacket is amazing, i just have to add a high ankle boots, a mod mini and a mock neck cropped sweater. it is pretty much french, don't you think?

to be honest, this is a casual school outfit, but the bomber jacket rocks! with a final touch of satin bagpack and you're ready to go! 

which piece of clothing you wore the most at school? and what do you think about these outfits?
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i wish everyone a great weekend!


Anonymous said…
Really great tips! I love the last look. :)
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