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Fresh Strawberry Wrap for Breakfast!

Another simple way to start the day: Strawberry Wrap! Whaaaattt? 

Before I used to have breakfast

As i went to high school years ago, i never had a breakfast. I even hated it because i was never hungry in the morning and my mom always asked me to eat breakfast before leaving the house. The class started at 07:15 AM so it was pretty early for me to eat breakfast because it means i need to wake up earlier and you know it was hard for a high schooler like me

During the final weeks of the school year somehow, i realized that i needed to focus on studying in order to get the best grades. At the time i tried to study in different ways and nothing seemed to work. My mom, on the other hand, always make breakfast at home and in her opinion, it's important to have some if i want to focus on studying during the day. So i thought, i'll give a try!

Breakfast is my new best friend

I started to wake up one hour earlier then. It was the smart move! I never skip breakfast since! I always have breakfast before starting the day, not only during school time but also on vacation. I also agree that it is the most important meal of the day because i feel like i cannot start a productive day without it. It gives me the energy i need to get things done and helps me focus whether at work or at school. It also improves my cognitive function related to memory. I just can't focus 100% during the day without it!

Breakfast Alternatives

After school graduation years later and move out of parent's home, i feel like i have no time anymore to make breakfast in the morning. I usually eat breads and it makes me sick of the same old breakfast. During winter time, i always want to eat something fresh and juicy for breakfast that taste more like a sweet dessert. I have been drooling over strawberries lately so i think i'll get creative, like, why not combine wrap and strawberry? Best of all, it is quick to make! 


All you need is one whole grain tortilla, 4-5 strawberries, cream cheese, honey, oatmeal and herbs.

First of all, spread tortillas with cream cheese as much as you want.

Then sprinkle with oatmeal and herbs.

Prepare fresh fruit. In this case: strawberries!
Pick off the green tops from every strawberry. Start by putting each berry onto its side. Slice thin slices from the top and work your way down to the bottom. Simply, this creates round, thin, pretty slices! Then wash your berries! Washing them after they are cut makes them taste way fresher!

Arrange strawberries on top of it. Spread honey on top on it, roll the tortilla up, slice into small sections or eat as it is, and voilĂ ! Enjoy!

Tell me if you try and like this recipe! You know i love to hear it from you! Because it IS delicious and everyone who loves strawberry should try this out!! Guten Appetit and have a great day!

Update: i have been eating this for days now and spread desiccated coconut on top on it and it's YUMMY!


Andreea said…
That looks so delicious! I will have to try it out. Have a lovely weekend! x

Unknown said…
This looks so delicious, I'll have to try this!
Ivana Split said…
what a great idea! I need to try this. I love strawberries.
Toks said…
This looks delicious. I have always eaten breakfast, it is a very important meal. xoxoxo
It IS delicious! Please let me know if you try and like the recipe!
Have a lovely weekend, too!
Please let me know if you try this recipe!
Have a relaxing weekend!
YES! Please let me know if you try this recipe!
Have a great weekend!
I can't agree with you more dear! and it is delicious!!
Have a nice weekend!
Unknown said…
Looking so yummy!
Have a nice week-end!
Gil Zetbase
thank you!
have a nice Sunday!
Unknown said…
Great recipe! It looks so delicious!
Unknown said…
I can't leave the house without breakfast - how people can is beyond me! haha love this recipe, will definitely need to give it a try!
Unknown said…
This sounds really good! I actually love breakfast, it is possibly my favourite meal x
thank you!
have a great day!
girl i can't agree with you more!! please let me know if you try this recipe!
have a great day!
thank you!!
have a great day!
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