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Monday Look: Spring Scarf

It is a good feeling to be able to go outside again on days in spring. The time has passed so slowly when you have to stay at home feeling sick instead of going to school. My man and i were unwell the past days and this one week seemed like forever. But we feel better now after a thousand cups of tea and taking some rest. 

We were going to a park in town. I was a little bit surprised because this park is really huge and yet there were lots of people! We were driving for about 20 minutes only to find the parking lot. It was just crazy! There were so many, we also had to stand in the long line for ice cream twice! We have been waiting for around 15 minutes and it sold out just like that only 3 people before us. It was like a scene from a horror movie (for kids)! We took a look and found another ice cream stand and finally we got some! 

The high temperatures did not keep me from adding some accessories for my neck. It was indeed a warm day but when you take a stroll in a beautiful park it could be a little cold sometimes. I am amazed how a light scarf can actually keep me warm on a colder spring day! So i paired it with a lace camisole and boyfriend jeans with fishnets underneath. For a casual look, i wore my favorite white shoes and a leather jacket. What do you think?

What is your favorite accessories in spring? Please let me know! 
I hope you guys have a great day!


Lol said…
That top is gorgeous!

Caitlin, Beauty & Colour
Marta said…
Love that pink top!
Loving the pale pink touches, especially in that scarf necktie. So cute.

Andreea said…
Totally rocked this Monday look! Love the boyfriend fit denim and the scarf made such a great addition to the outfit! Those frames are also extremely cool! Have a nice week! x

thank you dear!
have a great day!
thank you love!
have a great day!
thank you my dear!
have a nice day!
thank you love!
have a wonderful day!
Rina Samantha said…
I love styling the neck scarf. It adds a sense of sophistication to an outfit.

Rina Samantha
loveelisha said…
Love your overall look babe especially the top! I love how its so comfy and casual wear! Thanks for sharing this babe! Have a great day and hope you could visit my blog too!

Elisha |
Catherine said…
Loving that top and the little scarf !

thanks dear!
have a great day!
thank you girl!
have a nice day!
thank you dear!
have a lovely day!
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