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christmas 2017.

how was your christmas? it has been such a busy month for us. i mean, it's christmas! we decorated the house, got our christmas tree, baked cupcakes and cookies, visited family, found the best Bratwurst in the city and took our very first photo booth picture. i cannot ask for a better month. it was indeed a wonderful time of the year!

advent calendar is a must in december. it was pretty hard to find one that i really like because usually it consist of chocolate and i'd like to have things that i really use for the next few months. i'm not craving for chocolate in general and especially on christmas i get so many of them. as i found this maybelline's advent calendar i was beyond excited! 

these cookies happen to be one of my favorites. it took me almost 3 hours to bake but it's worth it! the last time i baked cookies was 2 years ago and due to moving house so i guess 3 hours is pretty quick, right?!

i got this sweet cheeks kit from my man that i really adore! i've been wanting to try it out for months and i am so thrilled to got it among other things for christmas! i'm so excited and i might write a review about this product next year.

twinning the christmas tree!

a selfmade santa's sleigh!


what is christmas without christmas movie like polar express? i remember i didn't want to watch this 3 years ago and my man insisted me to watch this. i cannot survive christmas without it since! it's too bad that this year was not a white christmas here but i don't lose hope!

i wish everyone a very merry christmas and a wonderful time with your beloved ones! happy holidays!

until then.


Amely Rose said…
Gosh, seems like you had a lovely christmas time.
The cookies look so tasty and I truely love your dress.
Nice pictures.

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