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here we are, already in the third week of 2018. as the time goes by, we all often forget how important self-care is. this thing fades away unintentionally from our priority list, don't you think? i feel like, it's been a long time ago since i put on a face mask. all i do is school/work, study, cook, and with the evening comes exhaustion and homework. one day, i was home early and so tired i had to take a bath. i cannot describe how good it felt. and man, how rare i've done this. it feels like i need to do this everyday, and it's not selfish. i am choosing to put myself first just then. i mean, nobody will do this for you except yourself. take a step back from your to-do list and center yourself. only this way you'll find energy to do all that other stuff. so, do self-care, ladies!

take a hot bath.
whether it's a good day or bad day, you deserve a hot bath. even better, it produces a good sleep before bed. pick some soaps that smell good, soak in a hot bath and warm yourself to the bone. after a long hard day, sometimes it is hard to make a difference if you are  only being tired or feeling ill. it can help you relieve pain and reduce cold symptoms. do this and thank me later! 

listen to your favorite music.
i do not know about you, but it helps me concentrate before study  and examination. it is insane how relaxing it can be and sometimes your body needs it. beside, i cannot help but dance to my fav music and it boosts my mood in some way. i feel happiness and joy and so i feel like i can do anything in the world.

watch reruns of your favorite sitcoms.
i feel like a little kid who waits for christmas present in december. it's exciting and the feeling is essential at times. hell, i watch reruns of mine every months. i watch them every time i feel ill or beaten down and i am beyond happy afterwards.

sleep when you are tired.
and yes, you should definitely get some sleep! this simple self care act can make such a huge positive impact on daily basis. like, why not? of course, you cannot sleep on the desk at work, and i am not trying to tell you to give anything up. i understand that we all have so many things on the go. but with a good sleep hygiene you are going to be less likely to become ill and that's essential in order to get things done.

put on a face mask.
i don't know about you, but if i put on a face mask, i have to sit down and do nothing except read a book. i cannot jump around or cook in the kitchen because i feel like it's getting dry and broken quickly. so i automatically have to take some rest on the couch and let myself relax a little bit.

buy yourself roses.

have you ever paid attention how calm down you get if you see sleeping babies, hear the sound of the sea, or smell the rain? your head translate these things into life, serenity, beauty or relaxation somehow. and this effects me the same if i see or buy myself some roses. i mean, roses are a timeless beauty. and having these around me is like 

drink a cup of tea.
aside from its numerous health benefits, it's safe to say that tea has the power to calm you down. it helps you to relieve stress, easy to make, and afternoon tea. need i say more?

make a gratitude list.
there is no greater mood-booster than making a gratitude list and even your worst day, you have always got at least one little thing going for you. it is kind of a reminder that everything is going to be okay. to write down a few things you’re grateful for everyday will give you the feeling that the world would never let you down.

write a love letter to yourself.

you’ve come a long way down a hard road. take a time to give yourself some credit. you might think you know already what will fill the pages of a letter to yourself, but you will probably be surprised what comes out when you sit down to write. remind yourself that you have achieved some things you can be proud of. nobody but you knows how much courage it costs to get you to the exact place where you are right now. you deserve the world and even a little more.

do you have any plans for this weekend? if yes, take some time and if not, it is the perfect time to try one of these out! 

until then.
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