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Suit up.

one of my goals this year is to keep posting regularly here on the blog. i've been sick lately and i couldn't even post picture daily on my instagram. so i had time to clean up my wardrobe a bit and ended up find this white suite i haven't worn ever. last weekend i've suited up and just went to grocery shopping. you know, after you have been sick you feel like a mess for awhile and it takes time to get into daily activity again. this piece of clothes helped me feel 'put together' because once in a while you gotta have one thing that helps you to recover. it is also a perfect day-to-night outfit, especially on the weekend where all you want to do is being outside all day long.

i grabbed my turtleneck sweater that i bought in my hometown and matched them together with my black pants. i stick to neutral shades when it comes to formal look. it's been a long time tho since the last time i wore such a classic business look like this, but once in awhile it is such a fun thing to do. although my future job has less to do with office and stuff, i would definitely go for this look here and there in my free time. i really enjoy wearing this work outfit, makes me feel classy in some way and brings a new style in my wardrobe.

which piece of clothes helps you feel put together? let me know in the comment below! have a wonderful day!

until then.


Andreea said…
Hehe can't wait to see all the posts that are about to come! In the meanwhile I really love this white blazer and the way you styled it. Wishing you a nice day! xx

thank you babe!! it is so nice of you! x
have a lovely day!
Blaire Bingham said…
I am so sorry to hear that you have been feeling well. Glad that you are doing better. A white blazer is a great wardrobe piece. Perfect for it's versatility.
xo, Whitney and Blaire
Peaches In A Pod
thank you my dear! have a lovely day! x
Unknown said…
Ohhh hope you are feeling better now, dear, I know the feeling of just wanting to be outside enjoying the fresh air and the sunlight (if you are lucky). I used to have a white blazer and would only wear it on very special occasions because it always felt so dressy, but I think my renewed love for blazers made me wanting to have one again. Love how you styled yours, very chic but edgy at the same time. Xx

Saida | She talks Glam
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