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Things i learned in 2017.

yes, this is that kind of post, where i just want to share memories and things learned in 2017. it's been a busy year for me and i am grateful for the precious things i can take between those busy days into a new year. 

get things done.
i am kind of perfectionist. i won't present something that is not done the way i want to. i would write a whole new notebook if it looks 'ugly', and i've literally done this a couple times when i was still going to school. but the thing is, the more i grown up, the more i realize that i only have less time and things just HAVE to be done. so everytime i whisper myself 'you can do better' i'd answer: get over it and move on. next!

we've all heard about this stuff. but i must say, it is essential for every human being. love yourself. do one good thing for your body, your soul, everyday. i always listen to my body. you know, if-you-are-tired-you-go-to-sleep. haha! we all have those days where you just work hard all day long and take some rest later, right? and i have learned that it is not really efficient for me. i feel like i am more exhausted than i actually am. if i know i have to clean the house and study in the evening, i would first take some hot baths and rest for an hour and do my checklist afterward to feel more motivated and ready.

the one you want isn't always the one you need.
i have been shopping a lot this year. it's all about online shopping and how easy this thing is in one click. but at the end of the day, i just want to throw the half of my clothes because i don't wear them as much as another half of them. they are all cute and i remember how bad i wanted them, but you know what, if they stayed unwearable for a while, it seems like i didn't really need them.

go for something you need.
yes, go for it! you need to eat, go for it. you need those clothes, go for it. you need kindness, cut those negative people out of your life, go for it. you need it. there is nothing to negotiate about. everyone has priority. find out yours, and go for it!

do it now or never.
oh yes, this happens often to me when it comes to cleaning. you are in the mood to clean your desk. and you think, one episode of sitcom won't hurt. and then suddenly it's 8pm and you have to study or you know, you just fall asleep. the next day you have another things to get done or you are suddenly ill, you can't clean your desk anymore. do not procrastinate. it's always about time. maybe it's now or never. 

ask for a help if you need one.
all my life i grow up standing alone and trying to solve all my problems alone, letting my own head make decisions. it was back then as i had Physics at school and difficulties to solve homeworks. i listened to my gut to ask for a help and i got one (and i never know that my man is really good at Physics!). there are days where you really need a help and instead of saying 'it sucks but whatever', you ask for a help and change it. it's insane how some tiny things can make a huge change and since, Physics doesn't look so bad at all.

not everyone thinks the same way you do, so do you.
just because somebody disagrees, doesn't mean they are right. and it doesn't mean you are wrong. when it comes to beliefs, morals, politics, not everyone will agree with you on every little thing. and it's okay. take the time to educate yourself and discuss beliefs with others, get to know things from different eyes, rather than writing people off because they aren't exactly like you. we all grow up differently. people around us, school, family, they make us see things the way we see things right now. these things shape us. and people change. it's okay, too. it is part of growing up. and people grow up.

do you learn something this year? share yours with me! i would love to hear from you.

until then.
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