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Prague in Winter.

my man takes a week off work due to my winter break and i am so happy about it. we wanted to spend a day out somewhere and since it's been a really good sunny week over here, we drove to the neighboring country yesterday, Czech Republic, Prague specifically, because it's one of the nicest city in Europe and only almost two hours away from our place. i am in love with the city, i don't know, maybe the sunshine, or the buildings, but Prague's views are breathtaking! we were actually about to shop there and i'm surprised that the price in general was a bit higher than ours here in germany. it could be the location that make it expensive because it's the ancient heart of the city but we enjoyed it so much and that was one of the best day out we've ever made!

my man and i plan a romantic weekend gateaway anytime, probably in summer, because we haven't done it yet! it's kind of challenging to spend time together in such a short time because we always take at least a week to get our quality time but it sounds like an incredible idea somehow! which city do you want to visit this year? 

have a lovely day!

until then.


You look wonderful! Amazing pictures!

Cake Monika said…
Great outfit!
You look so good :)

Prague looks gorgeous and I love your Winter outfit too! Very stylish!

Di from Max The Unicorn
BLovedBoston said…
Such lovely photos and makes me want to visit Prague soon! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston
You look beautiful! Nice colors :))

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