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Winter skincare essentials.

i've wrote about how excited i am getting these products from my man for christmas. i have been following this brand since last year summer and i read so many good reviews about it. with the new year comes new year's resolutions and i made some in my mind because it's a great way to train my brain to memorize things (but sometimes forget some things, too!). one of them is to attempt to make more time for a skincare this year. i didn't have any skincare routine for years and realizing that i'm about to reach my mid 20s, it's time to build one.

so first of all, Frank Body caught my attention with their packaging. i mean, how cute it is? i LOVE how it gives a nice touch to my bathroom shelf. i can't help but falling in love with the color combination! anyway, it's an opportunity for me to try new stuff, and choosing this brand is a bless! aside from the fact that this package comes with a face cleanser, scrub, and moisturiser (which every woman needs for a skincare routine), it works! and let's be frank (i had to mention this!), what could be better than this?!

i have to say, the first thing i notice after a week of usage is this product does hydrates and soothes my face. i used to have one good product (specialized in acne treatment) but since it got better, my facial skin becomes dry instead and felt really tight and at one point also rough (not to mention how cold it is after you wash your face with it). i am thankful for the formula that helped reduce my acne, at first, but what made me think of changing another product is that after my foundation was done, my face looked even drier. i know, perhaps i should use a face oil or something, but i didn't think it was so necessary because that's what face moisturiser is for, right?! but it doesn't mean, my dear, that i get more acne with Frank Body. i might got one or two on the first days, but i've found it was only hormonal acne so i got the feeling it doesn't produce more of it. in summary i can say that my face gets healthier than ever with these beauties!

my lovely man also got me lip scrub and lip balm in duo. he knows how i struggle with my chapped lips and these stuff. work. wonder! and since, this becomes essential in my winter skincare routine. as you know, i come from a tropical country that you can expect a tropical, warm and humid climate all year round, and if you've visited Bali already, you know what i am talking about! so my lips aren't really prepared with the coldness that germany offers. it's crazy once winter hits, my lips get very dry and flaky skin. i have tried like 20 different lip balms and they did not moisturize enough to improve the feel of my lips over the long term. thank god i've tried Frank Body because i ain't gonna search no more! i remember my dry lips suddenly become so freakin' soft after i used the lip scrub and lip balm afterwards. you know how annoying it gets when you constantly have to apply lip balm like 10 times a day?! this product you don't have to! it repairs your flaky lips and hydrates them at once. definitely worth the money!

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if you are having the same problem with me, it's absolutely worth a try! even better, all together are under 70 USD. do you have any experience of struggling dry skin? please share your stories in the comment below! i wish you all a lovely day!

until then.

this post is not sponsored. all my reviews and opinions are honest and based on my own experience with the products which may not be suitable for everyone. 


Catherine said…
Oooh I need to try those products ! And the pictures are so pretty

thank you so much my dear!! have a lovely day! x
Toks said…
I don't know this brand, but the items look interesting. xoxoxo
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