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Flea market in Spring.

it was such a beautiful sunny day, and, the warmest one of the year! it's kind of crazy that it really is march already. i mean, we just had almost +30°C over here in Germany! my man and i went to a flea market today, only they sold used as well as new car components.  market was quite big, which made us hard to meet a friend of us due to the large number of visitors. and since 99% of them were men, women got free entrance cards! 


it's always interesting for me to see vintage and antique things. my man likes it even more when it contains vinyl records. as we lived in another cities, we visited such markets quite a lot and i wonder why we stopped doing it. i think we'll do it more often by now since spring is in the air! do you like to go to flea market, too? have a wonderful weekend!

until then.


Cool jeans and shoes! Awesome look!
awhite said…
What a fun way to spend some time in the spring sunshine!

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