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Items of The Month - March

have a good friday, angels! it's already the end of march and you know i love it to share the items that i bought through the whole month before we jump into april. this time it includes some shoes which caught my eyes immediately the moment i saw them online. they were on sale since weeks and i am waiting for the good weather to finally match them with my lighter outfits. it's too bad that spring this year is not really like what i've experienced the past years but then again, it's kind of normal since we did not have white christms last year here in germany. 

back to the items, i am including my cute blouse that arrived just yesterday to the list! this cherry printed one fits perfectly on me and has the best length when it's combined with mom jeans. it's thin which is great to wear on warmer days and i really can't wait to wear this another day!

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1. The Ordinary - 100% Cold-Pressed Virgin Marula Oil
i want to introduce you the good low-budget skincare product that had me 'wow'! as you know, i am into skincare product lately and strive to improve the quality of my routine. you might have seen these product around as well since the marula facial oil from them is kind of similar with the one from Drunk Elephant. i have been using this and i have to say it's such a great facial oil to use both in skincare routine and foundation. i have never used such an oil before so it was not really comfortable at first because of the oil, but the result is so satisfying that it feels like i have a baby face which is so smooth and gives me the fresh hydrating look.

2. The Ordinary - Lactic Acid 10% + HA
this is the first exfoliating serum that i have ever tried, which has lactic acid and hyaluronic acid. i watched a video of skincare review the other day and it includes acid to the routine. i wanted to incorporate it into my skincare routine and just bought it right away. it's really interesting that this small bottle can exfoliates skin so while i was worried it could cause skin damage, i am happy that my skin does not feel uncomfortable or itchy, despite the fact that i have to wait 20 minutes to let it absorbs. i think it is a perfect addition if you want to try out acids since it costs less than $10. i do not promise you it will be good for your skin since it's a bit strong but this product is an AHA, so it might be perfect for those with dry skin. i personally have combination skin and it is worked wonderfully for me!

3. The Ordinary - Granactive Retinoid 2% Emulsion (Previously Advanced Retinoid 2%)
i ordered their retinoid product that offers better results than the usual retinol. the Granactive Retinoid is a moderate-strength retinoid with a lightweight creamy serum texture. it is not an oil and has a low risk of irritation since i am new to retinoid which is why i want to try out. for those of you who have no clue what that is, well, this one has known for being one of the most effective ingredients for anti-ageing. and yes, i am not even in my mid 20s but a little ageing prevention doesn’t hurt, does it? it is also important to use this on a dry skin and only at night because it can make your skin more sensitive to UV radiation. i have used this few times now and thank god my skin responded well to this so if you want to try out, you can choose this one!

4. Truffle Collection - Wrap Ankle Point Toe Mid Heel Shoe
i have to be honest with you, i was never into the leopard print, neither on shoes nor clothes. but you guys, in one glance they just look stunning! the block heels are my very first leopard printed item in my accessories collection and the perfect ones for spring days. even better, these costed under $50 so i had to grab these beauties!

5. ASOS - Marbles Woven Mules
these ones are too cute, aren't they? they also come in gold shades, but the pink ones are my favorites! perfect to match with a black maxi dress or just a pair of jeans and a simple tee.

6. Mango - Black Sunglasses
you might have seen such sunglasses a lot lately, but these just give that cool touch into any outfits! i have been looking for the perfect shape and when i came across these, i really love them. they were sold out quickly so i had to order them as they were restocked and i could imagine to wear these everyday in spring.

which one is your favorite? i can't be happy enough to welcome the new season with these items. i mean, i am ready! spring, come faster! x


until then.


Tina said…
Those leopard heels are so chic! I've been looking for a pair like those!

Andreea said…
Got the same sunglasses and I am obsessed with them! Also those leopard print shoes are so cute. Have a lovely week. xx

Ivana Split said…
love that printed blouse! Thank you for sharing all these things with us.
Have a lovely day!
ohmygabs said…
i love your style so much!!
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