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The Spring 2018 Makeup Wishlist

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when i was a teenager, i was into makeup but did not know where to start. i mean, i am the first daughter in the family and having big brothers is great but i sometimes wished i had someone who i could do make-up with! thanks to internet nowadays, with instagram comes a lot of influencers who get sponsored from or collaborate with different brands, be it fashion or make-up. it's also no secret that we women love to try these products out through their reviews, which is amazing because it feels like everything is there! you can see the result without even have to buy them first and also tips and tricks on how to use them properly.

spring is the month in which everything gets lighter: the sky, the clothes and even the makeup! when it comes to make-up, i am all about that glow. since this year i adore such a healthy-skin-makeup look and i have already listed my makeup wishlist for this season! i mean, there is no better than the sun shining on that dewy face, right?!

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1. Becca Cosmetics Glow on The Go
this one is inspired by an amazing makeup artist i found on instagram and she uses this now and then. the result is always amazing with this one! she revealed, that the key for a natural look is: using a liquid and a powder highlighter! i am so excited to try this out and will make an update about it!

2. Benefit the POREfessional Pore Primer
i was actually never into a primer, since i did not understand the function of it. i saw a youtube video of a woman tried foundation on an orange peel (since it's full of pores!) with and without primer and it was surprisingly interesting! i know i'm a bit 'old-school' on this, but i need to see a proof! 

3. NYX Powder Puff Lipie
i think we all agree on one thing: a woman can never have enough lipstick! a review says 'it looks so natural and feels like nothing on the lips' so i would love to try this out since the wind is so strong on spring days (you know, the hair blowing madly in the wind and just obscuring the face!).

4. Laura Mercier Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer
what can i say, the days soaked with sun are just perfect for a healthy, glowing skin without too much makeup! most days, i do not wear makeup (especially when grocery shopping) but sometimes i wanna look like 'put together' without too much makeup, you know what i am saying?! so i would love to just wear a lighter version of foundation with this one, with a cream blush and a lipgloss!

5. Tarte Cosmetics Ready Set Radiant
it's actually not on my wishlist, since i already own this baby! it works wonder if you have a matte foundation but still want to go for a dewy look! it gives you a natural, radiant touch and nobody even notices that you use the same foundation on daily basis! i need to buy a bigger one because mine is only in a small kit. it is worth the money!

6. Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder
i remember when i went to shopping some makeup products with my man and we stumbled upon a translucent setting powder, he asked me why i need it because he notices that i already have one, but the normal one. i was like, this powder turns invisible when applied to the skin. he was very confused because 'nobody would even notice that!' haha! it was so sweet of him for thinking that way, because i can understand that powder actually comes in different shades and the translucent powder is perfect to control oily skin several times throughout the day since the spring days are coming closer. it's just so much fun to go makeup/clothes shopping with him because he has such an unexpected statement on some woman products, in positive way of course!

which one is your favorite? do you have any spring makeup wishlist this year? have a fabulous day!

until then.


Andreea said…
I'm really curious about the LM tinted moisturizer, but I can't seem to find it anywhere in Bucharest. Have a lovely day. xx

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