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Valentine's Day 2018

i know it's a bit late for a post of valentine's day since it's already over a month ago but i just had to write about the day. my man and i went to work that day until afternoon so we planned to go out for a date night. it's also one of our traditions to exchange valentine's day gifts every year. i was really pleased to find this chloé eau de parfum at a store anytime last year and my man got me one (i also put this parfum on the v-day gift ideas earlier on my blog)i am obsessed with this beauty since, not only the packaging (that beautiful pink bow; so chic!) is adorable but the smell, so fresh and pretty, i cannot stop spritzing! it's clean, elegant and floral which every lady will definitely love. 

let me talk about this new fav eau de parfum of mine. i don't know about you, but this is so far the best that i've found in my life. i actually do not wear parfume that much, because every time i tried to use any kind of parfume, i can't help but hurting my nose so much i had to sneeze all the time. it's just uncomfortable! since chloé smells like a powdery rose bouquet, i feel so fresh and it also boost my mood just like that! what i love about it most is that hours later after i apply, i still have that beautiful smell. it does last hours, you guys! i remember the first time i spritzed it on my wrist, it had me saying 'wow'! very pleasant! i generally like rose scents but i have never come across rose done so well. it's like happiness in a bottle! i can't believe a parfume can give that kind of feeling to a woman. chloé is very well-blended floral that exudes grace, elegance and classiness. since i tested it at a store with my man, i directly asked him what he thinks about it and he loves it, too! it's important to me that he likes the parfume since we spend the most of time together! i am really glad i found this!

anyway, back at the day, we went to cinema in the early evening to watch the newest star wars movie, the last jedi. i know it's not the most romantic movie, but we wanted to watch it since last christmas and we just haven't found the time yet to go to the cinema. but, how great it is?! we love it! i think this one has been produced differently than the other seven, but still: a masterpiece. i am so glad that they've shown princess lea till the end of the movie, but i also bummed out that luke had to die (i mean, why?!). overall, i'd watch the movie one more time because star wars is just awesome!

we got hungry after it (duh!). it was our first time not ordering tables at any restaurant on valentine's day! we didn't want any fancy dinner on that night because we have to go home early to work the next day. we ended up going to an asia restaurant near our place. lucky us we got a table! poor my man, he got a wrong order but they gave him the right one 10 mins later. we really enjoyed the day because it was different, i think since the day was in the middle of the week. nothing made me happier than spend the time together with this man on such a romantic day.

have a lovely day!

until then.


Andreea said…
Chloe perfumes are usually great! Love this fragrance a lot and I've been using it too. Have a nice day! xx

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