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Spring has sprung!

the official spring has sprung almost two weeks now and nothing beats such days like these. the air is so sweet it almost feels like the one in my hometown indonesia. flowers start to grow, the wind is still a bit strong though but that's what makes us survive between the heat, right? i am grateful for this season because last winter felt really long. maybe because i was shortly in indonesia for two weeks before and i get used to the heat. but it's high spring here in germany and i can already leave my sweater at home by night. it is amazing! so when the first spring day has arrived, we went on a date at a beautiful palace in our hometown.

we did not use some sunscreens at that day because we actually did not expect that it was so warm! the palace is really pretty, we were imagining how fantastic it'd be to live in such a place because it's located directly at the Elbe river. the first thing i'd do when i woke up maybe to enjoy the view of the river with a tea and some delicious breakfast. the garden is also big and amazingly decorated with flowers. we enjoyed the view with some ice creams and just sat there together soaking some sunshine. it was such a beautiful day. what a place!

do you also like to go to palace? which places would you love to go to on a date?

until then.
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