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Birthday Post 2018.

yesterday, i turned one year older.

when i was a kid i remember being so excited for birthdays. i decorated my room by myself and took my time to celebrate alone at midnight when the house was at its silence. this was one of my rituals for a reflection on everything in my life. it's important to me because only myself i can count on, and at the end of the day, i need to make myself happy first to make everyone around me happy.

another year older means one bit wiser, and it's true. i am not saying i am as wise as my grandparents were, but i get to choose the things i let in my life, and the things i want to be around, be it work, friendship and relationship, and it is an amazing thing. today as an adult with so many activities, i am so glad to be able to do this. and at this very moment, i am beyond happy to be in a good place. to share this happiness with my wonderful man beside me is a magic. 

my birthday was amazing. i celebrated it with my man at midnight and got some balloons (yay!!) and presents. last year i took a day off for a celebration but this year i got to do a big exam spend a couple of hours at school. i brought cupcakes and a chocolate-blueberry cake for my friends and i was thrilled that they liked it. my man was home all day wrapping birthday presents and baking the birthday cake for me since i was around all the time and he couldn't really do it the past weeks. 

i want to talk a little bit about the presents. we went to a stationery shop in town weeks before my birthday and i told him that i've always wanted to get pretty stationery for birthday because i am a fan since forever. days after that i totally forgot about the stationery things and instead told him that i wanted a white summer dress for my birthday. i opened the presents and the books were in it! he is so cute for remembering it. and the merci chocolate, isn't it PERFECT? i never thought he would actually do DIY-present for me since it's always been MY thing between us. you can tell that he is talented!

we had a lovely dinner in the evening at an asia restaurant nerby our place and the food, i tell ya, it was fantastic! we had crispy chinese duck breasts and coconut coctails and this has been officially our favorite menu! we were really full after that because it was indeed delicious! haha!

in between the activities i made time for a reflection, a little gratitude for myself. i have evolved to the point where i can be damn proud of. i speak fluently german and i have been living here almost five years now. i have my heart and my conscience as the only tools to overcome life's inevitable obstacles. next year hopefully i am preparing the last examination and will be ready to work at hospital anywhere after graduation. 

i am really glad to to be growing older.

and i hope for many happy returns of the day.

until then.


Ivana Split said…
Happy birthday to you! I'm happy to hear you had such a wonderful celebration with your boyfriend. It is indeed lovely that he remembered to make that stationery, and the DIY touches are so cute, those inscriptions are lovely.
Sarah said…

Oh, beautiful !

Toks said…
Lovely photos. Belated birthday wishes. xoxoxo
Jeanne said…
Happy belated birthday Dear!!!! You look gorgeous in that white OTS top! Lots of love from Bastia Dear!
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yuanzeng said…
Happy birthday, dear. You look beautiful
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