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1st Watercolor Painting.

summer is almost approaching, which means there are only three weeks of school left until summer break. i wanted to fill you in on life lately, and why i haven't been posting on instagram and blog for days now. i have to give a speech about a medicine theme next week and write an exam about twenty diseases and radio therapy. so it's gonna be intense since i need to keep up with school and work the next weeks. many students make the failure of not making an effort to study just because there are only 3 exams left. but sometimes they make almost 30% of the final grade, which is pretty huge.

i needed a lexicon yesterday so we went to a bookstore in town. along the way to the 3rd floor (where the lexicons are) i saw a watercolor set which caught my eyes immediately and i needed to buy it. today i tried it out before i start studying and i am quite happy about the result because i actually get familiar with drawing but making a watercolor painting out of it? it was pretty challenging.

what do you think about it? i am so ready for this school year to end and looking forward to it! for the next weeks or so i am going to be focusing on finishing up the semester. i will definitely post a whole lot more once summer break hits because i have bunch of ideas that i am gonna accomplish. i wish everyone a lovely weekend and see you guys very soon!

until then.
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