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Almost summer break.

today is officially the last day of school but it doesn't mean that the semester is over yet. i still need to work for the next two weeks but i am so happy that the theory part is finished for now. i can slowly set my vacation mode till the summer break is officially approaching, which also means i will update you with my daily post on instagram and weekly posts here on blog. it's just really exciting if you know that you can put your sunglasses and hat on when the holiday's not even started yet, so yay me!

my man and i will visit his parents tomorrow, who just came back from their vacation in italy. we are going to have a barbecue together and play some card games as usual so i can't wait to meet them already! i hope the weather is gonna be better at least for tomorrow because it's been so variant lately, some days were even cold. but either way, it sure will be fun!

how was your week? do you have any plan this weekend? i wish you all a lovely one!

until then.


Ah those striped pants are so fun and look super nice on you. Congratulations on the end of the school year, summer has just begun!

Allie of
I really like this outfit. White shirts are my face! :)
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