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Sunshine in my mind.

summer has officially arrived, you guys!! how amazing is it?! i remember i told myself during winter i wanted to live in summer forever and here it is. the weather almost reached 30 degrees over here, so warm i know. i could not even wear long jeans anymore lately! haha! this week has been very good to me tho, we are only one day away from weekend already, i had a new haircut and started my workout routine yesterday. i am so ready for summer break and about to tick off the to do list pretty soon.

how was your week? it felt like this week goes by pretty quick, right? i wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.


awhite said…
I am loving this super cute summer stripe, lady- sooo good!

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thanks babe!! x
have a lovely weekend!
Andreea said…
Can't get enough of that striped shirt! Enjoy the summer weather. Have a lovely day. xx

Sarah said…

So amazing !

Unknown said…
Ah I love this summer striped shirt, you looking so awesome

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