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Berlin Part II.

Earlier this week we decided to do a trip to Berlin to spend a day at the zoo and have some indonesian food for dinner. We love to visit the city just because there is no indonesian restaurant here in town so it's kinda nice for us. We drove there two days ago and had the best time! During the day was a bit cloudy though but it did not hold us to have some fun. I was so excited as we parked the car near the zoo because i saw the Dunkin' Donuts! I love their donuts since i lived in Indonesian so it just gets better. Haha!

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The zoo was so huge we spent five hours there seeing almost all animals. They all were so cute and very well kept. We even saw a zookeeper feeding the chimpanzees and he explained us the visitors about them and their social behavior among one another and it was fascinating to me, like one of them was so shy and always took a step back when the 'chimpanzee boss' was around her. But she had as many foods as others did so no worry. Panda was my highlight because this animal is just so cuddly and beautiful. My heart was full after we went out of the zoo. After that we had some indonesian dinner somewhere and ate Rendang and Tempe. It was delicious! We were literally living our best lives.

Ps.: i did not get any donuts but who cares when you had one of the best dinners ever! (literally forgot about the donuts! haha!)

Have you been in Berlin before? I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

until then.


Colleen Dolan said…
Love these photos!! That panda is sooooo cute :)

isn't it?! thank you, dear Colleen! x
have a lovely day!
Rach said…
Oo I love Indonesian food! That sounds like a wonderful day trip!
that's awesome! have a wonderful day, Rach!
Unknown said…
Looks like you had a great time! Love that panda!! xo

thank you so much, dear Tasfia!
have a lovely day!
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