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Summer Lookbook 2018

Hello, my friends! I can't believe we are already nine days into July! It feels like yesterday since I got my report, which was actually already at the end of June. I am happy with my grades because my hard work paid off. Graduation is getting closer and closer, a.k.a next year summer, so I want to make sure that everything goes as planned. I am also excited for what's to come; be it job, family, or my next project. But for now, I am having summer break 'till mid of August. My man is also having 3 weeks off, so we are living our best life so far! 

The past days have been kinda crazy for me: I had two dentist appointments last week and I was never been all run down after dental cleaning. Haha! It was just the pain that came after that. I felt ill, my teeth hurt, I had headache, all I wanted to do was sleep and medicine. Fortunately, i am done with that so I am officially ready for summer 2018! 

Last Monday my man helped me shoot the Summer Lookbook video, which i uploaded last week. He was such a big help for me and being amazing as always. I am so lucky! Since I am new to the field of video editing, I really appreciate it if you check it out either in my youtube channel or below since I put a lot of effort into my work.

I will try to upload more videos in the future, especially during the summer break because I have more time to shoot videos and edit them of course! Please let me know what do you think about it and subscribe if you like the video! Have a wonderful day!

until then.
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