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Swimming on Summer Day.

I will not begin the story with which date is it today and how fast time has flown, because i had one of those lovely summer days this week. We spent our afternoon at a gravel pit near by our town! We were never at such place before, the idea came up as i saw someone on instagram posted a story there. It looked incredible indeed, so i thought we should go there, too! Although it was kinda hard to find, we eventually found a way there. I did google it on the map at first, but then there was a big forest somehow and it was quite impossible that the gravel pit is around. So we drove on and on and on 'till we saw cars parked near it. As we saw people walked down the street towards the place holding beach stuff on their hands, we were pretty sure that this is it. I was so happy that this thing is real. Haha! It was so beautiful with the sun shining so bright that day and the place has that kind of summer vacation mood.

So we swam in, but stuck to swimming at shores because we wanted to be careful. The bottom is sandy though, fine sand, however it was very unstable and it felt like your feet are gonna sinking in some spots. We were happy about how few people lay there already so it was quite peaceful for us and how wonderful it was to swim on the summer day. We had so much fun for sure!

what summer activities do you like to do this year? i hope you guys have a wonderful day!

until then.


Unknown said…
These pics are gorgeous! Looks like you had the best time!
Toks said…
Looks such a lovely place. xoxoxo
Shannon Jenkins said…
This looks so dreamy! I love your sandals!

<3 Shannon 
Upbeat Soles
awhite said…
What a gorgeous way to spend a summer day- I like that it seems you had the place to yourselves!

Le Stylo Rouge
thank you, dear Arabella! I had the best time there indeed x
have a lovely Friday!
isn't it?! thank you so much!! x
have a wonderful day!
those sandals are my favorites! thank you x
have a fantastic day!!
yes it was such an amazing feeling!! thank you so much, dear Ashley!
have a wonderful day!
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