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5 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Study

My summer break has come to an end this year and the school week of my final year started already on Monday. You know, I am SO glad because I know that this is all going to be over soon and I finally do not have to study again, for now. And this, my friend, has become one of my motivations to study even harder! Haha! When I decided to move to Germany, I promised myself that I will do everything to get what I want, to pursue my dreams, and getting this grade for myself is one of them. It really helps me to study even better because it calms me down as I told this to myself. I am conscious the fact that everything is gonna be okay and I just have to do what I gotta do at the moment. And if you are not motivated enough, here are 5 ways to motivate yourself to study that have worked for me as well!

Listen to Yourself
Probably there will be days when you're gonna have to study a lot in a short period and you are just not enough prepared for it because you are feeling ill and you have to manage your time to study somehow. It's really hard to get and stay motivated to do it when you are not feeling your best, isn't it? Sometimes the problem isn't even mental at all, it's physical. I feel incredible when I get 8 hours of straight sleep at night, but not so well when I only had 3-4 hours. I noticed how I was not in a good mood when I got less sleep! Listen to your body when it's telling you things. Because you just gotta deal with them as best as you can, so seek out the causes of your discomfort and move on!

Sometimes, there IS no try.
If there is one thing I am gonna say it out loud to the younger version of me, that'd be: stop trying! I mean, don't get me wrong. Trying is the greatest part of learning and everyone should do it (unless they are don't-try-this-at-home kind of thing!). But you know, at some point in your life, you just gotta stop trying and do it instead. Nike did not just come up with the slogan 'just do it'! I think that 'just do it' is genius! It's okay to try every now and then, I am not saying by any means that it's some kind of crap. How would you know if something isn't right for you if you don't even try, right? I am that person who wants to do everything, just ask my man. I kept telling myself I should give something a try, like I wanna be a dancer and etc. (still want to! haha!), and see if it works, and that happened like a million times to me. And exactly that, was the mistake I've done too many! By telling myself I am just gonna try, I am actually telling myself that it's not gonna work after all and it will never be my thing anyway because I am afraid and I will just try to do it, instead of actually doing it. Like, if you really want to ride a roller coaster, there is no way to overcome your fear. You actually have to ride the roller coaster straight away. You don't even try to do it, you know. And if you do not do it, it's not gonna happen. You are gonna have to spend part of your day at a theme park watching everyone else's doing it, and then probably go home. Do you get my point? 

Keep Yourself Organized.
You shouldn't underestimate the power of a serious organization. Because if my room is disorganized, so is my brain. Organizing the things around me helps me feel productive, and when I feel productive, I am productive. I also learnt this by keeping track of my blogging schedule and it's actually amazing! I keep a planner for college schedule, assignments, work, appointments as well and live by them! Without it, I would definitely lose my head! Haha! 'I'll remember it' is just the worst (though I still do it every now and then haha!), but when it comes to the important one, I have to write it down. And if it’s written down, it's kinda hard to forget it; the act of handwriting something commits it to memory faster!

Play Your Favorite Music.
I remember listening to this one song my parents played out loud at our house when I was a kid, and I did not like it because I was into some kind of indie music. Then about a decade later, in Germany, guess what? That song came on the radio and.. I liked it. The fact that the song was not my favorite one made me not excited about it at all. As I've grown older, I've listened to every kind of music and somehow my music taste has changed. And funny thing is, that was one of those 'killer tracks' that moves me and you just can't help but move your bodies to 'killer tracks'! Music can control your emotions. That’s why they put some music in films, to cue the audience on what emotion they should be feeling and add to that emotional beat. So that, ladies, is the key! You know, for me it doesn't have to be a rock music or something to get me psyched. But it has to be my favorite, and that's the right music that can make me feel incredible! Whether it’s the lyrics that speak to me, the pounding beat or that irresistibly funky bassline, you name it. So make that awesome music playlist and when you need a dose of motivation, press play!

Be in action!
I go to college where sometimes I have to study for exams in one week, and that is challenging for me! I love to get challenged though, I enjoyed this kind of moment when I want to see myself how far I'm gonna go, how much I want to put an effort into something and if I ever get to achieve it. You know, at first it's sort of thrilling for me. And then 2 seconds later.. geez. This is for real. But the key is: always starting as soon as possible because there is no other option. By starting something, I know that every single action I put in, I'll get the results even quickly. You always have to start early in order to be prepared, but when you know no alternative, you gotta be in action, no matter how small it might be!

What do you think about these tips? Have these tips motivated you yet? I wish you all a fantastic day!

Until then.


awhite said…
Love these tips, lady- music really motivates me, too!

Le Stylo Rouge
Gabrielle said…
Keeping organised is great advice, it's amazing what an impact a schedule can have on our lives! Love your idea of playing your favourite music too; a good music is crucial to study well :) x
thank you, dear Ashley! I am glad you love it x
have a wonderful day!
thank you, dear Gabrielle! I am glad we have similar view when it comes to music x
have a lovely day!
Ivana Split said…
These are great studying tips. Listening to our mind and body is so important. If we are too tired, we won't be able to learn anything anyway. Sometimes we need to rest before studying. Being organized is also important. Writing things down always helps me with studying. Finally, Just do it- that's a great slogan indeed!
Rach said…
These are great advice! I had a similar mindset when I was in college!
thank you so much, dear Ivana! I am glad you agree with some of these tips x
have a wonderful day!
that's amazing! I am glad! thank you, dear Rach! x
have a lovely day!
Babita said…
These tips are great! Playing music and organizing things around have always been helpful! Great post dear!

Xoxo Babita
Babita said…
These tips are great! Playing music and organizing things around have always been helpful! Great post dear!

Xoxo Babita
Mica said…
These are great tips! I find listening to music can really motivate me too, and I am always writing things down - I'd never remember them otherwise, haha!

Hope that you are having a really good week :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Jessica Broyles said…
Great ideas!! Very necessary! HOpe you're having a great week!
Andreea said…
Staying organized helps a lot! Wish I knew all your tips when I was in uni. Have a lovely day. xx

thank you, dear Babita! I am glad some of them also work on you! x
have an amazing day!
haha! I couldn‘t agree more! thank you so much, dear Mica! x
have a lovely day!
thank you so much, dear Jessica! x
have a wonderful day!
YESS! I am glad you find it helpful as well! x
have a fantastic day, dear Andreea!
Kathrin said…
These are great tips. Studying and staying motivated can be a challenge sometimes, but staying organized and healthy makes things easier.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style
I couldn't agree more! thank you, dear Kathrin!
have a wonderful day!
Lovely said…
These tips are great darling.

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