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Classic Ways to Wear a Scarf

Yesterday I double-checked my blog posts and realized that it's been a year since the last time I talked about scarves. My mind was really into scarf and I legit thought about it the whole weekend I don't know why. Since I have several of them in my wardrobe that I have been wanting to style, I decided to go with this particular one. It is really interesting to me the first time I caught my eyes on it, that's what you call it 'love at the first time'! So, I think I am just gonna go vintage with it and share with you how I did it with a classic look I created, which includes Gucci bag, white trousers, leopard print heels and a black crop top! I'll be like go sailing somewhere in Italian (hello Tremiti Islands!) with its endless coast and splendorous sunny and mild Mediterranean climate with this outfit. I think it's timeless!

wearing: Mango trousers / Tally Weijl top / Gucci vintage bag / navy scarf

This babushka look reminds me a lot of styles of the fifties era, except the fact that the women back then would probably be wearing the dirndl dresses and gloves and stylish hat, which is gorgeous! Maybe it's the the shapely bust lines, or the form of this amazing bag. I guess that's the vintage piece that is fascinating to me. When I am thinking about the previous posts of mine again, it's actually true. I literally do not really google about the fashion in the 50s, but I feel like I am dressed in the era, only in the modern way, perhaps. Haha! What do you guys think?

Another way to style a scarf (and the easiest one!) is tying it around your neck! I know it's not a secret anymore, I mean I even worn it this way when I was a girl scout in the fourth grade and I loved it! Maybe it's responsible for my love for this scarf thing, who knows. Haha! But the way how I just styled it in different way has changed the whole outfit so much. It's kinda mind-blowing, isn't it?! At least I feel that way!

Which outfit would you prefer to wear? Tell me what do you think about both of them! I wish you all a wonderful fantastic day!

Until then.


Rach said…
I love scarves too! They're one of the best accessories! I think I own the same one!
Unknown said…
That top is so perfect for summer! You have such a nice style
Ivana Split said…
This is a great post idea. Both ways you wore that lovely scarves are so elegant. You look fantastic.

I do love scarves. I think I already wrote about scarves on my blog, but I will probably write about styling scarves some time in the future again. I think scarves are and endless topic!
Jessica Broyles said…
love these gorgeous ways to style a scarf! All so lovely!
Lalabetterdayz said…
Both ways are really nice, but i prefer
the one around the neck :D but you look very classy with both ^^

My blog - Lalabetterdayz
that's awesome! I couldn't agree more, dear Rach! x
have a wonderful day!
I LOVE it! thank you so much, dear Arabella! x
have a fantastic day!
I am glad you like it, dear Ivana! The scarf has long been a staple fashion item which graces our wardrobe all year round. x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Jessica! I am glad you love both ways! x
have an amazing day!
thank you so much! I am gonna go with the second one as well when it comes to strolling around the city. Haha! x
have a lovely day, dear Laura!
Laura Yoder said…
Love how you styled this scarf - such a classic look!

Black Coffee Beautiful
Paola Lauretano said…
You're so classy! Amazing look and pics!
Kisses, Paola.

I love this look and how you styled the scarves both ways. I think I like it on your neck more. Love that you know what a babushka is!
Gabrielle said…
Such a beautiful post and what a beautiful scarf! I think my favourite way in which you've styled it would have to be around the neck in a bow/knot - every so chic, wow! x
thank you so much, dear Laura! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you, dear Paola! x
have an amazing day!
I am glad you like it! thank you so much x
have a lovely day, dear Kathrine!
thank you so much, dear Gabrielle! it means a lot x
have a fantastic day!
You look amazing with both of them. I really love the first one, I haven't seen in that way, that's why I like it so much.
Great post

Kisses from Miami
Toks said…
Nice post. xoxoxo
Unknown said…
This a really interesting detail and it adds a lot to the oufit. Thanks for sharing. :-)
... said…
Yes, I love this silky scarves trend!! I definitely need to pick some up myself!
xx Janine
thanks a lot! I am glad you like it x
have a lovely day!
thank you! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Barbara! x
have a fantastic day!
it‘s my favorite! thank you x
have a lovely day, dear Janine!
Mica said…
It's a lovely scarf and these are both great ways to wear it!

I love the vintage vibe it adds to your outfit - such a classic look :)

Hope that you had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start :)

Away From The Blue Blog
Kara Callahan said…
I love these types of scarfs and the one you styled is gorgeous! I love all the colors in it. Both ways you styled it are great and are giving me vintage vibes!

I hope you have a great week! x

x Kara |
Jessica said…
Loving how you styled it!! Amazing look! ❤

New post: What To Style | Instagram
Kasie said…
Scarves are such an elegant way to dress up or change a look. I love neck scarves, they always feel so classic and fun.
You are looking so pretty in this scarf. I love your entire outfit. You have styled it perfectly.
Kisses <3
Have a lovely day <3
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awhite said…
Love how a scarf instantly adds an element of CHIC to a look!

Le Stylo Rouge
Benita James said…
Scarves are a versatile accessory that can transform a look. Love the second way you styled it.

Bernie, xx
The Style Fanatic
thank you so much, dear Mica! I am glad you love it! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Kara! x
have a fantastic day!
thank you, dear Jessica! x
have a great day!
I couldn't agree more!! thank you, dear Kasie! x
have an amazing day!
thank you so much, dearest! x
have a wonderful day!
YES!! thank you, dear Ashley! x
have a lovely day!
they are indeed! I am glad you love it! x
have a wonderful day, dear Benita!
Adriana R. said…
Both ways look so pretty! I specially love the option on the neck, I think it looks very elegant. :D
thank you so much, dear Adriana! x
have a great day!
Nice Look 😏 If you like travels I’m invite u to my blog
thank you so much! x
have a wonderful day!
This outfit is magnificent! I love the white trousers with the fitted top. And I am such a scarf girl myself! So both ways are gorgeous...with it old Hollywood glam on your head or equally glamorous with the scarf around your neck. Absolutely brilliant styling!

thank you so much for your nice words, dear Shelbee! I am glad you like it! x
have a fantastic day!
Cidália Sola said…
I love scarfs! I really do but mostly on winter. Anyway I liked the idea of using on summer too. :)
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