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Summer Beauty Essentials 2018

As I went through my summer blog posts this year, I realized that I haven't shared with you my beauty essentials to achieve a wonderful summer glow. I am excited to write a beauty post again as I bought some new goodies recently and I am GLAD that they are suitable for my skin! I even added one of them already into my skincare routine..

I have been waiting for a year before finally buy this beauty. I mean, I only have my one and only foundation, that is Double Wear edition from Estée Lauder and I LOVE it! But since I've seen MUAs on Instagram using this tinted moisturizer for their models especially in the summer because of its light coverage and dewy finish, I thought I'd love to try it out, too! I am so glad I bought it eventually because it feels indeed light and clean on my skin, and thank God the golden radiance matches my skin shade as well. Haha! I purchased it online because they were all completely sold out already in late spring. And I was afraid it'd be a bit darker than mine since I couldn't test it out anywhere here at stores. If I apply this, I only put my blush on after and I get compliments on how dewy and radiant my skin is. It's even more than enough to use a very small pea-sized amount and apply with my hands. It is dewy and bright looking, but not glittery or even oily. I just love how nice and healthy my skin looks with this, without having to grab any extra highlighters!

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I've always wanted to have a great mask. I've tried a bunch of masks out there and nothing seemed to work on my skin, until now! It's amazing that I came across this one and checked the ingredients immediately.. and they are awesome! It contains Kaolin, Aloe Vera, Lactic Acid, Vit. A & C, which help purifies pores and detoxes skin. It's animal cruelty free, vegan-friendly, fragrance-free and safe for all skin types, which is also amazing! I felt instantly in love with the gorgeous pink packaging and the smell.. heaven! If you are willing to spend a little bit more money for a mask, you should try it out for yourself because it's worth it after all. It makes my skin so soft and smooth and I am already obsessed! This becomes a weekly thing for sure and already added into my skincare routine!

After I removed it off with warm wet towel, I can say I was surprised at the effects of the mask. It left my skin feeling hydrated, firm, and glowing. It soothes my skin instantly without having a dry skin! I was surprised because personally, I've never seen instant results from a mask before. I am obsessed with it!

Since I had to order my tinted moisturizer online, it took a little longer for it to finally arrive from UK. Crazy me, I bought this liquid highlighter one day before I received it. Nothing is wrong with that! I mean, I couldn't even know when the package is there anyway. The real reason why I have been wanting to try this product because.. it's liquid! Haha! It sounds awkward but it's quite interesting! I kinda bought into the Becca hype, so when I saw this at a drugstore here I knew I'd buy this one! I thought it'd be amazing to mix with my foundation on any other day when I still want a natural glow. I LOVE it because it gives me a fresh look and I don't even have another highlighter to put on! It's a great liquid highlighter if you want to try one because it's also available in travel size and.. it's best for all-over luminosity!

I know these products are kind of pricey but that's because they are worth recommending! I am really thankful to be able to review these for you guys as well because if you know me, I wouldn't even try to write a post about them if they don't work on me first! If you have tried some of them and excited about them, please tell me in the comment below! I wish you all a wonderful day!

P.S.: I need to share this picture below because this is the real life of blogger I guess! Haha! Just kidding. It is the set of my photoshoot in general and of course: in the kitchen! As some of you already knew, I do many photoshoots in the kitchen because of its amazing sunlight. It's just so fun and I am always amazed how beautiful the results are. But I guess it's one of those BTS (Behind The Scene) I'd love to include in this post because my man was in the background being creative with this egg whisk while I play with my camera! Haha! It's those little moments where I still can share what I do with my beloved one that make me enjoy life even more, who is himself. And.. this picture is still gorgeous to post though. I love it!

Until then.


Paola Lauretano said…
Interesting products!
Kisses, Paola.

awhite said…
Definitely am a fan of this tinted moisturizer! LOVE!

Le Stylo Rouge
Kasie said…
I am familiar with two of these product but not the pink clay mask. That sounds absolutely divine!
thank you, dear Paola! x
have a wonderful day!
me too! thank you, dear Ashley! x
have a lovely day!
thank you, dear Kasie! x
have an amazing day!
Kathrin said…
That mask sounds great. I've never had instant results from a mask either so this one sounds very interesting.

Kathrin | Polar Bear Style
I think you should try it out! It worked on my skin! x
have a wonderful day, dear Kathrin!
Really nice products! and... your pictures are so cool!! Have a great day! xx

La ilusión de Nina -
thank you so much!! x
have a lovely day!
Kara Callahan said…
I can see why these would be your essentials because they all sound amazing! I've never heard of Alya Skin before but I'm loving the sound of that clay mask. Also your photos are always so beautiful! I love the light and shadows in them x

x Kara |
Shauna said…
I bet all of these smell amazing! I love trying new products in the summer :)

Gabrielle said…
The shadow play to the photography here is an absolute dream, wow! I've been meaning to start experiment with Laura Mercier and so this serves as the perfect prompt :) x
thank you so much, dear Kara! it is honestly such a great clay mask! x
have a wonderful day!
my favorite is the one from this clay mask! I hope this post can inspires you x
have a lovely day, dear Shauna!
Laura Mercier is such an amazing product, at least for my skin! and thank you so much, dear Gabrielle!! I really appreciate it! x
have an amazing day!
Mica said…
They sound like lovely products and it's great that they work so well for you! Thank you for sharing :)

I hope that you are having a lovely weekend :) We went to a strawberry farm yesterday with the boys which was so fun :)

Away From The Blue Blog
thank you, dear Mica! and that sounds like a wonderful day! I wish there were still a strawberry farm here in Germany during late summer. x
have a wonderful weekend!
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