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5 Years Ago | The Beauty of Germany

September 4 holds a special place in my heart.

I have never been in Germany before 2013, and having the opportunity to immerse myself fully has confirmed that this is my home now. In the last 5 years in my life, I've never felt so alive. And today marks my five year anniversary of moving to Germany. 

Let me tell you a story how it went that day: I arrived about 10 o'clock in the morning at the Frankfurt airport and directly got a train to Aachen due to my new home for almost a year to take a German class there. The day was remarkable because I had a nosebleed, which I only had one time before that. I just experienced a Fall in Europe, which temperature was 15°C lower than the one in my hometown so the cold weather kinda affected my health that day. It wasn't so dramatic as it sounds, though. It was just really cold for my body and I think my trench coat didn’t help to warm me enough as a woman who has been living with tropical climate for almost two decades.

But you know I am here to celebrate! So I thought I'd write about the things I love about Germany and why I enjoy living here and call it my new home. It's kinda crazy because when you live here and read tons of articles about Germany, I read great stuff: modern technology, amazing cars, beers and.. Oktoberfest. But that's not the point that those things are crazy. Mostly they are true! But you know what, German is more than that. I've put together my top 9 reasons why I am still impressed with this country, until this very second.

The Language

The first thing that seems so attractive to me about Germany is the language itself. I am obviously not the only one who is really interested in it. (Maybe you, too?!) The best thing about it is that you can express almost any emotions through German language. I believe that other language can do that as well, but if you learn to speak the language, everything just makes so much sense. Besides the fact that German has the ability to create compound words, meaning you can make a long word by fusing one or more together, I think German language is still pretty impressive! When I visited Indonesia in summer last year, I needed to hold back for one sec before I speak something in my native language because it felt strange to me that I couldn't even speak German there at all. Even worse, I begin to forget Indonesian words months by months now, for when I speak German, I speak from my soul. Haha! I accidentally mix up the languages, too, sometimes when I cannot say things in Indonesia or English immediately. It's awkward! But now I am just glad I can speak the language of because it's practical! I'd never look back to learn anything else just because of how beautiful the language is.

Obsession with quality.

One thing I learn about living and working in Germany is that they are obsessed with quality! They take a look at every details and make sure that the quality of everything is amazing. It's also impressive the fact they won't stop working on something until it's finished as they want it to be. When we see stuff made in Germany, we know they are high-quality products. High-quality begins with a choice to find the best materials (and combine them with all that precise German design) then use well-educated workers to bring it all together (which is also another important thing here!). If they are a skilled worker in German, you know you can count on their job. So you can tell how they really take their job seriously, and that's another good thing about the Germans.

Ice Cream

I grew up in a society where there are only chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream. I've never tried anything else before, so I'm pretty open when it comes to ice cream. But you guys, there are so many delicious ones over here and I was excited the first time I bought mine, and confused at the same time by the large amount of its flavors. Haha! It's pretty obvious that Germans love and appreciate ice cream. You can tell by the way they eat ice cream whenever and wherever they want, literally! As long as the sun starts shining, you'd see people queued up at every available Eisdiele. Like, who cares how cold it is right now, when it's shiny, it's a good day! Haha! When you are planning to visit Germany and have no idea what to order, here is a list of the top flavors in Germany:

  1. Erdbeere (strawberry)
  2. Stracciatella Joghurt (yogurt)
  3. Vanille (vanilla)
  4. Schokolade (chocolate)
  5. Walnuss (walnut)
  6. Haselnuss (hazelnut) 
  7. Sahne-Kirsch (cherry with cream)


I find the Germans to be the kind of best friends I'd love to have in my life just because how direct they are. They'd say something in your face whether you like it or not, for when it's true, it's the truth! It sounds kinda hard and cruel, though. Well, it was, at first.  Germans just do not use euphemisms to soften a message, nor do they „beat around the bush“. My experience working in the hospital after 2 years living in Germany was unforgettable because I've come across cases where I've been told about something directly and at some point, it was still kinda hurtful. In the reality, the Germans just say what they mean and mean what they say. Direct communication is transparent and honest for them so I can understand how efficient it is especially at work. And, it reduces the risk that people will not understand each other!


Yes, folks. The Germans are well-known for their punctuality and I have to mention that even if you already know about that and never been here before. Most of my German friends define punctuality as arriving 10-15 minutes earlier, and in most cases: that's normal, be it at college, meetings, sales at stores, dinner at restaurant, casual BBQ-evening with your friends and literally appointments in general. Germans take their appointments seriously and expect others to do the same because they are taught about the value of time in everyone’s life. Since most of the Germans are independent and do their own work without anybody’s help, they know the worth of time. Hence, they understand the feeling of ruining someone’s time. And if they cannot be on time, they let the others know way before, which is a great thing also, isn't it?! When I make appointment with my Indonesian friends at 8pm, that automatically means 9:30pm. So for a punctual person like me, it's pretty annoying. And when you live in Germany, you don't have that problem at all.

Tap Water

As my friends begin to drink tap water, I was like.. is it even safe?! Haha! Even I didn't know about that before! Maybe you've heard of this one: tap water in German is safe to drink! And it's true! It saves you so much money, and you can just drink how much water you want! I am thankful for that, since I love water and barely drink anything else. When I lived in Aachen, I bought 6L bottles every 3 days because I used to live in a country where you shall cook the tap water before you drink it. So you know how annoying it was for me as a small person without a car and live alone and have to carry those heavy things! Like everywhere else in Europe, the taste and quality of the tap water differ across the country. And usually, taste is related to the hardness of the water. I am glad that the water taste great where we live right now. Even my man used to drink sparkling water before he chose to drink tap water again with me. And if you start to question: ', they still sell water in Germany?!', well, here are the reasons why:
  1. Many people prefer sparkling water to still water 
  2. Different flavors
  3. Mineral water is advertised as pure and healthier 
  4. It's believed that mineral water contains more minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and iron
  5. Old habits
  6. People drink water outside their homes too and buying a bottle is more convenient than refilling one at the tap


I love Germans as human beings because of.. their sense of humor (among other things)! I always have fun playing cards with my man and his parents the whole night, and with my friends when I am at college, or with some of my fellow workers at work, because obviously comedy has deep roots in German culture, with a strong appreciation of political satire as well as physical slapstick. I actually do not understand why they say that Germans are the least funny nationality, when in fact I laugh so hard my stomach hurt everyday! I just think when you try to speak with a literal translation from German to English, you lose a lot of meaning that makes a joke funny. And when you have to explain a joke, it just isn’t funny anymore, right?! It’s harder to pun in German when the grammar makes things so much less ambiguous. But if you speak the language, it's much funnier than you think. You just have to understand the meaning.

The Love for Nature

I think Germans appreciates nature and environment like no others. Throughout their history, Germans have had a fascination and love of forests and trees. Ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl warned 20 years ago: "The damage to our forests is dramatic. Our forests are of inestimable importance for the water cycle, for our climate, for our health, for our recreation and for the identity of the German landscape. If we do not succeed in saving our forests, the world in which we live will be changed beyond recognition," he told the German Parliament. Germany's Greens party has also helped bring about change. Now, Germany is the global market leader in wind and solar energy, and is a pioneer in climate policy, hosting regular, lively debates on environmental policies. In addition, they barely sell plastic bags anymore and switch to recycling paper bag in almost all supermarkets. When it comes to garbage, the Germans are a nation of gatherers and sorters. There are several colored garbage cans to choose from: a yellow one for packaging, a blue one for paper, two separate ones for different colors of glass, a brown one for plant waste and a black one for the little that is left over. An orange one for electronics waste is now being introduced in Berlin. And you can be sure that they stick to this rule!


Because my man is German! And his whole family is German! And my best friend is German! And my fellow workers are Germans. So it's obvious enough I guess! But seriously, I really enjoy living in German because of many things. With these people, life is worth living. They understand things in life and have great perspective on life like no other, which I can learn from that have improved myself as a human being so far. And one thing for sure: meeting my German man is the best thing that has happened to me. I share so many incredible moments with him and I am thankful for having him in my life. What makes me so lucky is his honesty, loyalty and his character as a German guy. Forget what you’ve heard about all the Germans being cold and mean. They have a heart, they can love deeply and intense and they do everything they possibly can to make their loved ones happy (like, his parents just celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary! how wonderful is that?!). And it is absolutely true. My man is also dedicated at work, and addicted to fix things in the house (broken bed, on which I jumped so high yesterday at 10pm?! he fixed that thing immediately in 1,5 hours! haha!), who impresses me so much. Fixing things at home is just one of his domestic capabilities; he also cooks and cleans, watering plants, helps me studying Physic and Mathematics and makes his own food for work. And he doesn't smoke and drink anymore (already quit years before meeting me), which is amaaaziiing! But most important thing: his love for me is like a pure gold. And it's an amazing feeling to be loved by him because I cherish the time I spend with him every single day. And he makes me the luckiest woman in the world.

Have you ever been in Germany before?

Until then.


Serene said…
Such a beautiful and thoughtful post, it's funny how we associate different days with special moments, Germany sounds amazing! <3

Serene XO
Toya's Tales said…
Congrats on your 5 year anniversary of your move to Germany. You seem to love it and appreciate the people and the culture.
thank you so much, dear Serene! yes it's remarkable like birthday for me now.. just it's sort of an anniversary! x
have a wonderful day!
I DO! thank you so much, dear Toyas! x
have an amazing day!
Eleine said…
Great post!
Kasie said…
This is such an interesting post. I have not had the opportunity to spend extended time in Germany but would love to some day live there. Your insights are fascinating!
Rach said…
Aw I love that you highlighted Germany! And I had no idea about the tap water! That is awesome!
thank you, dear Eleine! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Kasie! x
have a lovely day!
thanks a lot, dear Rach! I am glad x
have an amazing day!
awhite said…
Aww, what a special day! I have never been to Germany but it sounds like such an amazing culture!

Le Stylo Rouge
yes it is! thank you, dear Ashley! x
have a wonderful weekend!
Emily said…
I've never been to Germany, but I'm actually German and would LOVE to go at some point!

-Emily |
you should visit Germany then, dear Emily!! x
have a lovely weekend!
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