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SheIn Finds I am Loving for Fall

I ran across this online shopping website SheIn about three or four years ago and to be honest with you guys, I wasn't sold at all because let's be honest, I thought this was some kind of scam or something. The crazy low prices just seemed too good to be true! But then other bloggers started making reviews about it and everything and I read more and more good and bad experiences about them shopping SheIn. I finally took a time browsing the website and what surprised me the most is that they provide many trendy clothes at literally such a lower cost. I am not talking about the quality because obviously you may not expecting so much but hey, I found my favorites, too, there! I think they all look stylish enough to wear over a season but I am just not quite sure of how they would fit me. In the meantime, I'd love to share with you my these amazing items if you are tempted to order some budget-friendly ones:
What do you think about these? Do you have any experiences shopping there? I'd love to hear it from you! I wish you all a lovely Sunday!

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Kara Callahan said…
All of these pieces are beautiful! I've ordered a few things from SheIn before and the quality just depends on the item. What I love is that they have reviews with people's photos so it makes it super easy to see which items are worth buying. The one item from there that's my favorite is a coat I got, so I might need to look at the gorgeous ones you've mentioned!

x Kara |
Jessica Broyles said…
I love these pieces and I love shopping at Shein! Have a lovely Monday!
yes! that is also one of those things I love about the brand. I think it has its pro and con, just depend on what you are looking for. I am glad you like these picks tho x
have a wonderful day, dear Kara!
thank you, dear Jessica! x
have an amazing Monday!
Luxe Lookbook said…
Yes, it's always hit and miss with them. They do make some cute pieces, but it's good to have low expectations since there are so many horror stories!
awhite said…
Oooh so many amazing pieces! Thanks for sharing your picks!

Le Stylo Rouge
I couldn't agree more! It's sad though but at least you can still have fun with some pieces from them at lower cost. x
have a wonderful day, dear Amy!
I am glad you like them, dear Ashley! thank you!
have a lovely day!
Ivana Split said…
beautiful those coats.
thank you, dear Ivana!
have an amazing day!
angelaah91 said…
Such cute finds!
I love the plead coats :)


Virginia said…
Oooh! I love your picks! I saw the top-left plaid coat myself and have been considering it and I love the mock neck top you chose. I'm a big fan of Shein. I usually have to send one or two items back because of fit but lately I order a large number of items and still come out with some winners. I actually just did a Shein try-on haul on my Insta Stories and almost all of them were winners! I think the quality (and the shipping time) have definitely improved in the last year and a half!

More to Mrs. E
that's a good news for me! I also have a good feeling about the brand and your comment really helps me considering to buy some from them. thank you so much for the comment, dear Virginia! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Angela! x
have a lovely day!
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