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Summer to Fall Transition Pieces | My Top 5

Happy 1st of September! Summer is winding down and that means.. Fall is right around the corner! All of the sudden on one morning I stepped out of the house and the temperature was about 15°C. Even if I wish Summer could stay a bit longer, I just cannot deny the first signs of Fall here in East Germany. I am preetttttyyy excited about the new season though. While I wait for my closet to be cleaned out quite soon, I still can count on my transition pieces to enjoy the cooler mornings. Here are some transition pieces that I mostly opt for when the Fall is getting closer..


Recently I've seen many great cardigans on sale online and that made me thinking to get one as well. It has to be versatile, long and thick enough to keep me warm as we gradually move into Fall. I'd rather throw a long cardigan over a camisole if I want to get that casual Fall look. Mine from H&M has now become my favorite cardigan since I wore it to a movie date with my man the other night because the temperature turned cool and it was really comfy in it! There are dozens of ways how to wear these marvelous layering knitwear pieces, which is awesome!

Midi skirt.

The only thing I had to wear midi skirt was during my junior until senior high school as it was a part of student uniform for girls in Indonesia. I actually enjoyed wearing it just because how comfortable it was to move around! I wish I got the chance to wear such skirt again since and when I moved to Europe years later, I am glad it's kind of a fashion trend! Especially in Fall, it's such wonderful fashion staple for women and you'll always look put together in it. I am obsessed! My favorite look is the one combined with an oversized knitwear and it gives an instant chic look! How amazing!

Turtleneck knitwear.

For those who might think it's too tricky to look stylish and stay warm at the same time in Fall, look no further than this: the turtleneck sweater. The casual look is definitely what I go for when it comes to back to school and this will keep me warm for practicality and elegantly elongate your neck at the same time. I think one such must-have fashion staple is this one also! This year, I'd rather go beige or cream instead. But if you love colors you should wear any, right?!

Ankle boots.

I don't know what to say. I assume each of you already have ankle boots, don't you? At least I have two-three pairs of them. And I will always opt for these as fall transition pieces when it comes to footwear. They are really stylish and make me cool all of the sudden. You know how versatile these shoes are?! Whether worn with a jeans, dress, or even skirt, ankle boots go with virtually everything in our closet! I wish I could wear them in winter too when it's snowy all over the place just because it makes me so fashionable but nobody wants to slip on ice! Haha!


There are many blouse options out there this year because of the sleeve trends since over a year now! I have a good feeling that this trend may be everywhere as well in Fall (probably not as big as trench coat!). I love the bustier one in the summer though, but I think it still can be wearable in Fall, especially matching it with a high waisted jeans to make any outfit stunning. The puff long sleeve is also really flattering to wear since it keeps you warm as well!

wearing: Tally Weijl black crop top / Zalando denim jeans / ASOS loafers /  H&M sweater

Which one is your favorite transition piece for Fall? I wish you all a lovely weekend!

Until then.


Rach said…
Loving these fall transition picks! And your outfit is so chic!
That cardigan looks so cozy!
Sophie said…
This cardigan looks so cozy and brings your whole outfit together so well, I think I might have to invest in one of these too!

Soph - x
senescence said…
Love the suggestions and the look! Fall wardrobe is definitely my favorite!
Jessica Broyles said…
Love these! I cannot wait for Fall weather!
Anastasia said…
LOVE your outfit! A soft cosy cardigan and jeans is what I have been living in for the past month-it's so cold already up here in Scotland!
thank you, dear Rach! x
have a lovely day!
it is cozy indeed! thanks a lot! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Sophie! and it's such a great fashion fall staple x
have an amazing day!
thank you so much, dear Mia! x
have a lovely day!
I cannot wait for Fall weather, either! thank you, dear Jessica!
have a wonderful day!
thanks a lot, dear Anastasia! I am loving the combination of these as well lately! x
have an amazing day!
Toks said…
Great fan of this type of cardigan. xoxoxo
They're all great fall transition pieces! I like midi skirts, especially the more bodycon type, with a thick sweater. :)

xx, Des |
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