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Mood board - Fall Fashion 2018

With Tumblr and Pinterest comes mood boards all over the place. If you do not know what mood board is: it's a tool for creatives to come to an agreement about something, be it style, decoration, beauty, photography, etc. But it's also a great thing if you are lack of inspiration or you want to get into the mood of the project, hence mood board. So today instead of collecting pictures and arranging them by hand, I decided to make my own digitally based on pictures from Pinterest. Making mood boards is really exciting to solidify the theme, and this time is all about Fall Fashion. When it comes to Fall Fashion, cozy neutrals and earthy hues are the palettes you're mostly going to opt for, right?! And the whole thing gives me those lovely warm and autumnal feelings as the season's changing. So I thought I'd show you guys my favorite pieces for Fall this year..
What do you think about the pieces? Do you like to make mood boards as well? I wish you all a lovely day!

until then.


Ivana Split said…
beautiful Fall fashion mood board. I'm really excited about Fall being finally here.
me too!! thank you, dear Ivana! x
have a lovely day!
Jessica Broyles said…
Oooo very inspiring moodboard, I love it!
Toks said…
Nice post. xoxoxo
Kara Callahan said…
I love making mood boards! The one you created has perfect fall vibes! I love all the warm tones and those skirts in the first photo are so cute.

x Kara |
thank you so much, dear Jessica! x
have a wonderful day!
thank you dear! x
have an amazing day!
thank you so much, dear Kara! I am glad you like it x
have a lovely day!
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