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When It Gets Cold Outside.

When I was on my way to work this morning, I saw a few of beautiful Christmas candle bridges in windows and realize that Christmas is coming up! I can't believe we are only one day away from December by now. I am really excited about Christmas and all things associated with it; be it the decoration, the strong wind, the winter outfit, and the cold weather.

Speaking of the cold weather, it gets more and more uncomfortable, doesn't it?! I mean, how does it feel SO cold this year? I can hardly remember about the past winters, but they for sure felt much warmer than now. At least over here in Germany. I usually didn't put many warm clothes on myself 'till December but although I already have to bundle up today, I still shivered. My hands were literally freezing and they hurt so badly! Winter is kinda painful in 2018. But I hope it gets better since it'll rain in the next days. Until then, I still need to keep bundling up!

I am so grateful that I bought this amazing sweater from H&M. I wasn't sure about the turtleneck at first, since I cannot really 'roll' it and it may waste my money anyway. But it looks really amazing as soon as I wear it and I can layer it over a more form-fitting long-sleeved top. I feel like the turtleneck elongates my neck all of the sudden and it just gives me that confidence boost. I LOVE this outfit matched with a high waist jeans and a black boots because I just want to feel comfy in my outfit this winter!

What do you think about the outfit? Do you like the sweater as much as I do? I already have my weekend since tomorrow is a holiday in college. Yay! I wish you all a wonderful day!

Until then.


Ivana Split said…
what a lovely turtleneck! Fabulous teddy coat as well. You look fantastic!
Toks said…
Great look, so warm and cozy. xoxoxo
Looove your look! <3
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