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White Top for Fall.

Hello guys! I've been MIA lately due to everything that comes in my life lately. I tried to figure out the new routine for my college (hello final year!) and I feel like I am coming down with something so I really need to use my free time to rest, it sometimes consists of sleeping for almost four hours when I get home. It's just getting crazy between balancing things and I was feeling a lil bit overwhelmed because I got five papers which have to be done 'till the beginning of next year. I also had to learn for my job because it also comprises many college stuff so I've got to prepare for it everyday. 

But I am here not to get some kind of pity from you guys. I just hope that by telling you my situation you can understand that it's hard to keep up on posting new blog post here, which I'm really sad about because I love writing here!! Now I am glad that I can share  this with you because I miss this thing so much!

I am in love with this top since I bought it early this year. It's so flattering and perfect to be matched with a simple high waist jeans. My man and I went to a hairdresser the other day because he needed a haircut and the lady asked him if we want to go to a fancy dinner later on because of my outfit. I was like, umm nope just grocery shopping. Haha! It was sweet of her but when I like something, I just wear it whenever I want. Do you also have similar experiences? Good thing is, the weather got really wintry last week, so I could wear lighter piece of clothes almost all the time. What do you think about the outfit?

And, I can't believe we are getting closer and closer to Christmas!! Haha! I am so excited I already purchased a Christmas album for the first time because our radio is not working anymore. I decided to decorate the house once the snow falls, which is the case in New York today!!! How awesome it is?! I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

until then.


This top is so nice, dear!
Mónica Sors
Ivana Split said…
It is totally normal to take the time to rest, working and studying at the same time takes a lot of energy... I also sometimes need rest after work.

You look that white top.
Jessica Broyles said…
I love unexpected things like a white top in the fall! Great look!

Hope you have a great Monday!
Gabrielle said…
Everything about this look and photoshoot is completely flawless. Totally love the idea of wearing white throughout the colder months as well - very chic!

Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice x
awhite said…
This white top is so chic on you, babe- and sending you all the good vibes!

Le Stylo Rouge
Sarah said…

Lovely !

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