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First things first: 2019.

Happy New Year! We are 12 days into 2019 and it's kinda late but better late than never, right? I haven't got time to blog the past days and so I just let today to be study-free for myself and write the first blog post in the new year. I am really grateful that we all made it in 2019 healthy and happy. And the best thing is.. we are all having a fresh start! It's not that kind of 'new year, new me'-way though. But when you are stepping into the new year, you kind of have that feeling of writing on a blank paper, doesn't it?!

That being said, I'd love to talk about my hopes and dreams in 2019. As you may already know, this year is all about getting my degree and starting life after graduation this summer. I am really excited about my first job in the medicine field EVER. But that doesn't mean I am done with my blogging about my style. With my new point and shoot camera I bought last weekend, I'll try out shooting analog again and share the photograph here regularly and more of showing my daily life with you guys. I love blogging and will never stop doing it as it gives me the platform to share everything with the world. As you see, I've also changed my template to a new one and it's my absolute favorite so far! I feel like it suits this blog and its aesthetic perfectly and I am so so happy about it. What do you think about it? Let me know!

I also look forward to my first concert I'll ever attend in my life this summer in Austria with my man. It'll be Rammstein, you guys! I have always been telling myself, if I ever had to attend a concert, it should be either Kraftwerk, Daft Punk, or Rammstein! Haha! I am a huge fan of these bands/groups and I hope my man and I will have so much fun at our first concert together as a couple. How exciting!

In 2019 I also want to be aware of what I buy and begin my journey to simplify my life as much as I can. One day I came home from shopping and there is no room for my new clothes anymore. Can you even relate?! So, with me focusing on those natural and beige colors, it makes me way easier to match clothes and I find it to be the best colors for my skin tone.

What are your hopes and dreams in 2019? I would love to hear it from you! I wish you all a wonderful weekend! 

until then.


Happy new year to you! I hope you will be able to achieve all of your goals in 2019. I made the transition to simplify and live with less a few years ago and honestly not only has the quality of my life improved, I couldn't be more happy.
Jessica Broyles said…
happy New Year!! Early Congratulations on your degree! I hope it all goes smoothly!
Lovely said…
Happy New Year!!!! Here's to a fabulous 2019 wishing you all the best for the upcoming year.

Gabrielle said…
Totally relating to that feeling of writing on a blank sheet of paper; it's an exciting feeling at the start of a New Year, for sure! Happy 2019! x
Thank you so much, dear Rowena! I am happy to hear about the improvement you make by simplifying life. It motivates me even more to do what you've been doing so far. Have a lovely day! x
Thank you so much, dear Jessica! Have a wonderful day! x
Thank you so much, dear Lovely! Wishing you all the best for 2019 and have a fabulous day! x
Right?! It's one of those feelings I always look forward to when stepping into the new year. Have an amazing day, dear Gabrielle! x
Rach said…
Sounds like 2019 will be a big year for you!! Cheers to the new year!
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