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Early Spring 2019.

It's been almost a month since my last post over here! As I already mentioned before, it's all about my finals preparation that due in 3 months and I don't want to miss anything! It's been such busy weeks lately because of school and work and study all at the same time so I couldn't be as active as I used to on any social media accounts, at least for now! But the last two days have been so good to us here in Germany so I have to dress up and soak up some sunshine. I can't tell what an incredible feeling it is after nearly a month of rain, gloom and gray in our area. 


This outfit is literally my favorite one in spring! I mean, it's casual and chic and comfy and what more do you expect from a spring outfit?! It's perfect. I came across this gorgeous belt online and I can't help but ordering it immediately. It also comes in black so I definitely need both of them! Haha! I got the sweater and those pants for less than 30$ back in late summer so I think I scored some great pieces of clothes right there! I might not look so happy but I was since yesterday reminds me of the feeling of spring! I seriously thought I would be freezing taking pictures outdoor in the outfit because I didn't layer it but the day was so warm even for a sweater I wore on the picture. But above all, I was feeling so grateful for such a weather already in February. I mean, I take what I can get, right?! Haha! 

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I have my first exam tomorrow at the hospital and it's kinda crazy how FAST time goes by. It feels like I just got my exam appointments yesterday. I hope everything is going to be fine because I've prepared well for it. It'll be at 11 AM and after that I have a week off. I am so excited! First things first, my man and I haven't had our Valentine's day celebration yet so we obviously need to catch up on that very soon! I wish you all a relaxing weekend and enjoy the sunshine while it lasts! 

Until then.


Shauna said…
Gorgeous! Love how you belted this sweater!

It's been beautiful here in England too. Good luck with your exams - it will feel so good when they are all done! You look lovely in this outfit Grace xx Maria
Rach said…
This outfit is amazing! Love the neutral ones and cozy layers!
thank you, dear Shauna! x
have a lovely day!
that's great! yes I can't wait for it to end finally. It'd be such a relieving feeling. Thank you, dear Maria! x
have a wonderful day!
I'm glad you like it, dear Rach! x
have a fantastic day!
awhite said…
Loving this neutral vibe- and the general shape of the outfit here is so lux + cool!

Le Stylo Rouge
Marcia B. said…
oh wow this is such an effortless look on you, you are glowing! Good luck on your finals dear.
Daisy said…
Love your photos! :) Also outfit is very elegant. The thin belt gives such a nice touch to a comfy sweater.

Gabrielle said…
Oh my gosh, the tones of this outfit are SO chic and the belt goes perfectly against the soft texture of your wrapped cardigan :) x
Ivana Split said…
What a fabulous white cardigan.... I love how you wore it off shoulder....and that belt is fantastic. You look stunning dear!!! You have created a very feminine styling for sure.
Good luck with the exams and the studying, but I'm sure you'll do well, you're always such a hard worker.
Kara Callahan said…
This outfit is gorgeous! I love the soft tones and that sweater looks great with the belt. I hope your exam went well!

x Kara |
thank you so much, dear Ashley! x
have a lovely day!
that's so sweet of you! thank you, dear Marcia! x
have a fabulous day!
thank you so much, dear Daisy! I am glad you like it! x
have a nice day!
I am glad you like it. thank you babe!! x
have a wonderful day!
that's so sweet of you, dear Ivana! thank you so much! x
have an amazing day!
yes they make a perfect match! I love the tones as well. and thank you so much, dear Kara! x
have a lovely day!
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