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Blazer in Spring.

During this transition weather it often takes longer for me to decide how to dress for certain occasions. You know that problem: the weather is lovely at day and a all of the sudden you need everything you have to keep you warm. So my solution this year is.. blazer! I am so happy to be in a place where I can wear my blazers. Fun fact: my dad used to buy me so many outerwear (most of them are  of course blazers!) when I was a teenager and as a teenager I kinda did not really into this 'work wardrobe'. He obviously bought me some other cool piece of clothes as well which I also wore on repeat. And like any other dads in this world, he only wants the best for his daughter, and for me it's obviously fashion! Haha! I mean, I always knew he has the best taste when it comes to fashion because this blazer thing is definitely my go-to look!  Because you know, with trends come so many new amazing looks that you can just mix every pieces in 2019 and it's so cool!



What do you think about this look? I personally love this blazer and how amazing the shade is, matched with my favorite pullover. Do you have any memories of things your parents used to buy you? Please tell me in the comment below! I wish you all a wonderful day!

Until then.


Tina said…
What a beautiful blazer! And I love that your dad has such good taste and used to buy blazers for you. That's so sweet!!

Jessica Broyles said…
This whole outfit looks amazing on you! Love it!
thank you, dear Tina! x
have a lovely day!
I am glad you like it, dear Jessica! thank you! x
have a fantastic day!
It is really awesome. It is the time to start experimenting and find some new looks for this wardrobe classic today.
awhite said…
This is such a chic + timeless blazer, babe!

Le Stylo Rouge
Ivana Split said…
what a fantastic look! I love how you styled that blazer with jeans. You look phenomenally stylish and very pretty. Have a lovely day sweetie.
Kris.admgr said…
I really like how you present that blazer beautifully confident, btw I have blog recommendation
thank you, dear Helene! Experimenting outfits make so much fun indeed! x
have a lovely day!
thanks babe!! I am glad you like it x
have a wonderful day!
thank you so much, dear Ivana! x
have a fantastic day!
Gabrielle said…
You look ever so chic in this outfit; I adore the combination of neutral shades - such a stylish look on you darling! Have a fabulous weekend! x
thank you so much, babe! I am glad you like it! x
have a lovely weekend!
Toks said…
For me blazers are a definate "must have", I love them and this one looks really great. I've been missing from the blogging zone for a couple of months but I'm slowly catching up with all your posts. xoxoxo
Kara Callahan said…
I love this outfit with the blazer! Blazers are the best for wearing with jeans and a sweater or a t-shirt. You look very chic and I love the color of the blazer too!

x Kara |
Violet Hollow said…
You can't beat a gorgeous blazer, so perfect for spring xx
Andreea said…
Blazers are the perfect transitional pieces. Love yours and the way you mixed it. xx

Mica said…
That's a beautiful blazer on you! How nice your dad used to buy you lots of outerwear :)

Hope you're having a lovely week :) We finally have some cooler autumn weather - I got to wear jeans yesterday!

Away From The Blue
Amy Aed said…
This outfit is absolutely gorgeous - and would be perfect for the pernickity weather here in Canada!

Have a great week :)
Amy x Wandering Everywhere
James Fetzer said…
Cool Look. Blazers add beauty to your stature.
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