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Life Update: May and Exams

Hello guys! I hope you are doing well. It's been a while since the last time I post something here. As you already know, the past weeks were intense due to my exams. They consist of two verbal, four practical and 2 written examinations and what can I say, here I am after five exams.. alive. I've never performed so many exams in my life within a month and It was just wild. The practical exams went well but the first three days after my written exams I did not feel myself at all. I had the worst headache because I could not really switch off and relax. I was thinking about the questions and which answers I could have better written. I was really nervous that I could not really answer so many questions within hours. I had only twelve hours of sleep from the day of my first written exam 'till three days after and I've never felt worse. But thankful that I feel much better now after a week off of everything. 

So what's new? Last month we celebrated our birthdays, and my days pretty much consisted of studying everyday. I did not watch tv anymore, I cut off every entertainment that distract me in the way. But I think I needed that, because there were so many things to study that I feel like I would never have enough time to know any of those things. I am really glad that they were all behind me. Well, five of those. Oh and I performed an allergy test due to frequent sneezing attacks lately. I found out that I am allergic to dust mite. I did not see it coming in my mid 20s though! But, my keratosis pilaris is getting better on warm weather. I do put lotion on though but I forgot it for almost three days and I did not feel any itchiness at all! I also started to update frequently on my instagram since a week now and I feel like I have enough time now to update online every now and then. 

I actually have many blog post ideas for the upcoming weeks but I cannot tell you now whether I am able to write them pretty soon. I still need to focus a bit more on my verbal exams in three weeks so I'll just see where the time will take me. Oh and I have to see the dentist tomorrow due to a tooth extraction. I am kinda nervous about it since the last time I had mine was six years ago. I just hope it doesn't cause any severe pain because I still need to go to work at Friday! Anyway.. I'll keep you updated! I wish you all a wonderful day, my friend!

Until then.


Mica said…
Oh you have had such a busy time! well done on doing so many exams though! I hope the last ones you have go well and you return to blogging soon :)

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