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5 Summer Holy Grail Beauty Products.

Hallo guys! The past two weeks has been downright cold and gloomy here in Germany. But luckily, the sun finally made its appearance again today. I'm glad that I can apply my fav beauty products more often again because they do my skin good, and when it feels good, my soul and my mind feel good. I began trying many beauty products as I hit my 20s and my skin pretty much suffered from any of those stuff that didn't really work, at least for me. So I put together a list of 5 beauty products that I absolutely love and giving me that fresh look during summertime!

Frank Body - Magic Shimmer Oil

I've been a fan of Frank Body since over a year now and I keep coming back to their products over time. Not only this body oil soothes my skin, it also hydrates and leaves my skin glowing (and not to mention the smell). It absorbs instantaneously and leaves me with a completely natural shimmer and glow, absolutely magical in the sunlight! I try to look out for the ingredients when it comes to  picking beauty product and this one has amazing ones such as coconut oil and vitamin E. I'm glad I ordered it the other day because it's one of my fav summer products this year.

The Body Shop - Hydrating Face Mist

My man bought the Vitamin E Series from The Body Shop three years ago and I love it since! I'm glad he bought the face mist as well because this is really gentle on my skin. And the smell is just incredible! It lasts ages too, I still have two bottles at the moment. It gives a quick refresh, with a light scent and a boost of hydration. Perfect for the mid-afternoon slumps. My skin feels lovely and soothed with this one!

Becca Cosmetics - Liquid Highlighter in Opal

If you follow along this blog for a while, you've probably noticed that last year I've already mentioned this here. This is the first liquid highlighter I've tried and I looooove it. It's probably the best summer highlighter ever! I ordered it in travel size (it lasts forever btw!) and will definitely buy it again since it lasts forever. This leaves a natural glow on my skin and looks beautiful in summer. I love to use my finger to apply it because it blends really well and gives me that natural makeup look!

Glow Recipe - Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask

I've tried many drugstore face masks and tbh I've just had enough of them! It just leaves my skin very dry and most of the time it just feels weird. I wanted to try out one good face mask and I got this as gift from my man this year and I can't tell you enough of how amazing this product is. With the watermelon extract, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and peony root it works amazing to hydrate skin overnight. It's literally a skin-saver in summer!

Frank Body - Lip Balm

I used to have chapped lips my whole life and it was just uncomfortable! I bought many lip products to get rid of them AND to avoid them but nothing really works for me. This one from Frank Body is a must-have beauty product ever! I used to dream of having smooth lips and how glad I am buying this one over a year ago (mentioned it here as well). It gives the smoothest finish and moisturizes my lips all year long!

What do you think about the products? I personally recommend all of them for you to try out if you have any issue either with your skin or lips because they have been a life-saver for me so far. Or have you tried one of these already? Let me know in the comment box below! I wish you all a wonderful day!

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Rach said…
I've been wanting to try the watermelon sleeping mask! So glad to hear you love it!
Oh I have used the Body Shop's Vitamin E cream line, it is great. And I am on my third bottle of Becca's Backlight primer. I have wanted to try Frank Body products and that sleeping mask. I tried it out a bit at Sephora.

Allie of
awhite said…
Totally convinced I need that watermelon mask- it sounds amazing! (And the packaging is the cutest!)

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