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Life Update: First Concert Ever.

Hi guys. It's been almost a month since the last time I post something over here. I started working full time in August and I am trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance since. In all honesty, It's been quite a difficult journey so far because most of the time when I do not have to go to any appointments after work, I love to listen to music or watch my favorite series while taking some rest, and I need it! As time went on, I understand that fitting into such new circumstances takes time and patience, and allowing myself the time it takes to do so is essential. Now that things started to become more familiar, I began to feel more at ease in a new chapter of my life. So the good news is.. I am back!

So what's new?

A month ago we went to Rammstein concert in Vienna, the first concert I have ever been to! It was phenomenal! The experience was unbelievable. I couldn't believe how loud the whole thing was that made me even harder to hear my own voice while talking to my man during the concert. Haha! (I couldn't help myself!) I'd definitely go to their concert again. And you know what, we've already bought another ones for next year in England. Finally.. a reason to visit this beautiful country! So so excited!!

I met two good school friends of mine this week and I am glad that we maintain good relationships after school as well. Unfortunately one of them moves to Australia for about a 3/4 year but I am so happy for her that the time has arrived because she dreamed of being there since over a year now. She even barely speak English but I am sure she will survive it there! I mean, I've been there! I could barely speak a whole sentence in German before and now I speak the language 24/7. 

Fall is upon us and cooler weather means shopping for new outfits, am I right? I have been keeping my eyes on some amazing piece of clothes lately and while my mantra is: wait overnight before buying something and see if you still want it, meanwhile it became months and I did not regret it one bit. Mindful shopping brings many benefits into my life and that's a good thing! I bought three new piece of clothes for Fall that I'll show you guys next week in my new blogpost that I've been dying to style with! 

I wish you all a relaxing Sunday and let me know what's the best concert you've ever been to because mine is Rammstein indeed! 

Until then.
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