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Road Trip Outfit Ideas: Fall 2019.

Our road trip to Vienna last month makes us realize how much we love it to travel for hours. Road trips are my absolute favorite way to travel since childhood because my dad used to drive with all of us every time we don't know where to go to, so we just hit the road and enjoy the view out the window. Growing up my man and I used to drive for 5+ hours at least two times a month and that was quite exhausting back then. Now that it's no longer due to work makes it a lot more fun, AND we get to spend time together talk about everything. But you know the important thing for the best road trip: a) what food should you bring (this is essential you guys!!) and b)  what you choose to wear on a road trip! So, when I was perusing at Zara last weekend, I came across this amazing sweater that caught my eye. My man was like: that looks comfy! it'd be the perfect sweater for a road trip in Fall! And that was exactly what I was thinking. Haha!

What do you think about the look? I love matching it with wide-leg pants I bought at Mango, which are stretchy so they feel extra comfortable while sitting down for hours. The material is similar to leggings, but I rather wearing these for a road trip instead so I look and feel more put together. Let me know what kind of outfit you prefer to wear for traveling and if you like road trips as much as I do. I wish you all a fab Wednesday!

Until then.


awhite said…
This slouchy sweater is so chic, babe!

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