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8 Years Later: Film Photography.

I had been doing film photography between 2009 and 2011 before my music project and I have to admit, it was a great time experimenting with my analogue cameras. Every now and then I wept in frustration when I realised I could've taken it better, BUT I also learnt more about exposure, camera in general and how film photography even works. It costed me a lot of money as a teenager and I remember saving every penny for the film and processing back then. This makes me appreciate how special the whole thing is, and I know I have to do it right (at least I tried) before pressing the shutter button. Seven/eight years later I stumbled upon film cameras online and I know I have to get one for myself again (why did I even left all of mine in Indonesia?!). I used Olympus mju ii Zoom 80 that I bought for 30 bucks and I'm really surprised how beautiful the result is.

Bonus: these are photographs a friend of mine and I took with lomo cameras back then when I lived in Indonesia. It's too bad that only few of them are left in my computer since my old one is broken-down. I really enjoyed taking every picture of them!

Do you or did you guys shoot film? Tell me your experience with film camera and what do you guys think about it. I absolutely love it and think the price is just worth it since I love to do it the old-fashioned way. There is something about it that make me cherish the moment even more, and the way the pictures look are simply special. So I'll definitely continue my journey with 35mm film. Stay tuned! I wish you all a fabulous day! x

Until then.


Such a cool shot!

Amy Ann
Straight A Style
Rach said…
I would love to shoot film! I remember that was the only type of camera to shoot in before digital became a thing. I love that film photography can capture a mood and tells a story!
Shauna said…
Beautiful photos and thanks for sharing these cool shots!

Logan Porter said…
Oh my gosh, these photos are beautiful!

xo Logan
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