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Fall Wishlist 2019.

I know I know, it may be a lil late for a fall wishlist. But let me tell you, German weather was anything but fall the past weeks, even though we are in November now. Literally, it was not until last week when the fall weather literally started that I am so in the fall mood. I feel quite uninspired lately so this time I'd love to share more of the things I want to get done instead. I feel like I always have a lot to do in summer and winter, but not so much in between. So I thought I'm gonna add some fun things to my actual to-do list and make the whole thing a fall wishlist! (see, doesn't it sound more interesting?!)

Fall Wishlist 2019 a new pair of boots.
I have been eyeing thesethese and these lately. I've been loving the square-toes since last winter and they are just plain beautiful. Honestly, it's like a dream come true to get one of those. I find it personally difficult to get the perfect shape on the foot-side so these are probably the best ones I've ever found online. If you have any recommendations, please let me know in the comment box below!

..have a fall movie marathon.
To be honest, I've never done a movie marathon outside Christmas holiday before. So this time I deliberately look for 'fall' movies or at least the ones which take place during Fall season. Two of my picks (Silver Linings Playbook and You've Got Mail) are even already in our rack, which I bought over a month ago but had no time to watch them so far. I might as well order another movies like When Harry Met Sally and Planes, Trains & Automobiles. a fall capsule wardrobe.
As I mentioned above, I kinda feel a bit uninspired the past days especially when it comes to wearing fall pieces so I notice some benefits from my wardrobe lately. It consists of 85% neutral tones so I can mix and match fall clothes easily. Even if most of the items are not the newest, they are actually the only items considered essential for about three years now and I feel like I need to build my own fall capsule wardrobe this year.

..get the perfect trench coat.
If you read my latest blog post last Sunday, you've probably seen a pic where I tried on a trench coat which sleeves are unfortunately too long for me. I came across this one at Zara earlier last month and tried it on just for fun, yet it fitted like a glove and it is so comfortable! I love the length and I'm weirdly excited about the fact that its hood is adjustable and removable, y'know, like a dress that has a pocket. Haha! So the search is still on!

..have a Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks.
Call me old-fashioned, but tbh I prefer the local coffee bistros to Starbucks. I go there mostly with my dad or back in Asia when we were en route. Here in Germany my man and I went there only once, and it was in spring this year, and we never go there again since. When it comes to their famous pumpkin spice latte however, I'd love to give it a try. I feel like it's a must-do! Have you tried it yet? Is it worth it? Please let me know!

..research travel destination for our vacation 2020.
Since I graduated and started my very first job this year, we're planning to have a trip on next summer/late-summer holiday. We are so excited about it since the last time was three years ago (it's about time!), but we just have no idea where to! I mean, it'd be great to go to a place where we can discover the country/island a little, because on our last vacation in Dominican Republic it was difficult to go outside the hotel and resort as a tourist due to its safety issues and it's something we don't want to experience again. So researching destinations is on top of the list before we even decide anything!

Do you have a fall wishlist this year? I wish you all a wonderful day!

Until then.


Margot said…
Such a great wishlist !
I need to do a fall movie marathon too.
I definitely want to start to book our next vacations too but I think we'll wait Christmas before to start thinking about our next vacations.
love what you're wearing here. It looks so cosy.
Kara Callahan said…
I love the idea of creating a fall wishlist! A fall movie marathon sounds like a great idea, especially when it is a chilly, gloomy fall day. And there's nothing better than treating yourself to a few new items. I hope you're having a great fall!

x Kara |
love the post.
have you visited Malta? it's one of my fav summer destinations. <3

n. //
Tina said…
Cute fall bucket list! I love getting a pumpkin spice latte and I feel like I buy way too many boots during fall lol!

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