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Life Update: Cold, Flowers and Praline.

Hi guys! I can't believe it's been almost a month since the last time I shared something here. Blogging has become a big part in my life since the last decade and I feel bad for taking such an unexpected break, already this early in 2020, considering how many contents I've planned this year. You know, life has many of its ups and downs, and I noticed that the past weeks have been more of the down side. It turned out, I am coming down with a cold since this week and it get worse each day. Last night I woke up from three hours of sleep and felt hot all over my body and had a severe pain around my neck and shoulders along with headache and growing pains. I haven't had such symptoms again since I lived in Germany, means it's been seven years now and I am quite suffering from this cold like the first time all over again. But tgif so a plenty of rest and sleep is happening this weekend. 

Speaking of weekend, we'll have a dinner tomorrow night to celebrate V-Day this year because Ricky has to work late today. I'm grateful for such days, because you kind of have a reason to celebrate love since we both work full time, considering him having different work shifts each week. But that doesn't mean we only do it once a year though, I am just trying to say how important it is to dedicate a day fully to beloved one between busy schedules. And how lucky I am to have a great support system in him, taking care of me while recovering and being a wonderful partner one could ask. Like waking up to roses and praline really brightened up my day today..

I hope you guys are doing well and I'll keep you updated with another 35mm series. Have a lovely and relaxing weekend, my friends!

Until then.
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