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Taking it slow.

Hello you guys! Coming to you on a Friday evening where it's been the second day since I am taking days off work to sort things out. I need a break. Alongside that, I feel like I have just lost the love of social media in general for a while now, and sadly of writing here on the blog, too. I know I just need to take a little bit of time away from all these things and clear my mind. Creating content was one of those things that keeps me creative and alive in some aspects in my life, and I never thought this lack of inspiration would hit me this hard. I have been honestly feeling all over the place when it comes to contents generally, and it was harder to realize how much I gain lack of enthusiasm over everything online the past weeks. Of course it has to do with the lack of constant posts as well, since I am not doing it regularly lately (y'know: practice makes perfect). One day I just want to share all the content ideas that I come up with, and the other day I just felt like.. they are just not it, or more of enjoying the moment and be present that no pressure at all to post about itwhich is also a good thing. But most days, I could kick myself for knowing I hadn't taking enough pictures for another content throughout the week. There are so many things going on in my life right now that I have to first restore balance in my life. For example, yesterday we had the entire day to us at the spa and it was pure bliss. Less of phone and internet; more of leisure and relaxation. I do believe that stepping back is the way to get inspired all over again, eventually. But it's been a week of no blogging and as you see, I miss it already! I have so much to catch up on and I promise myself to take it slow and get myself back on track first. In the meantime, I will prepare for another content for you guys, as soon as I am ready. 

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