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Serendipity— first day of spring.

Hello again! Coming to you from a Monday evening after taking an hour nap and it felt goooood! But now I just want to hit the hay right away. Today was such a lovely day, a spring kind of weather, and the first time leaving my coat in wardrobe. At the same time, the street was peaceful, almost half of people stayed home, no students on the way to school, quite uncanny. During this weird situation, I am more than grateful for everything I have and all the things, little things in life, and for my friends and family. And however, it's just unfair to feel this way towards people who are with corona infected and the family affected, since there is no cure out there for this virus and no one really knows what is the right thing to do throughout the coronavirus pandemic. It makes us all feel unsure, everyone is freaking out, getting stocked up on almost everything. Here in Germany, it's almost impossible to get toilet papers everywhere, not to mention about the disinfectant and face mask. But who am I to blame?

Nevertheless, I'd love to share the look on the first day of spring. Germany hit 15 degrees for the first time after a long, long winter. I went home from work today afternoon and how beautiful it was to soaking up this rare gift of sunshine. The day gave a peace of mind in some way through it, reminded me to slow down and to be present and not fight what cannot be changed, and just enjoyed life for what it is. This outfit sums it up pretty well, simplicity and serendipity— 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and safe right now, wherever you are. At the moment I am still able to go to work since it's impossible to work from home due to the medicine field I am at, otherwise our life consists of going to work as well as grocery shopping right now. But everything changes rapidly these days, the best thing to do is stay in, remain calm, have faith and take the situation seriously by social distancing. Just because 'young' people feel less vulnerable, they may still carry the virus to someone else. We are not alone in this world, so please think compassionately about the collective. We'll get through these though times somehow. Stay safe my friend, and I wish everyone a relaxing day! x

until then.


Gabrielle said…
Oh I love your chic, effortless and laid-back style. This is an aesthetic I can definitely get on board with - so classy! x
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