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The Other Day.

Hello guys! I hope you are in a safe environment right now staying in and surrounded by beloved ones, wherever you are. This global pandemic has been taking over our lives these days.. no hanging out in bars, no walking outside soaking this beautiful spring weather. We all even have to get rid of human contact as much as possible and just be at home. But then again.. how privileged are we? Reading a book, cooking, getting creative, working, still being educated, decluttering, anything but going outside. And somewhere in the middle yet, I feel grateful for this life. For my morning routine, for my warm house, for the breakfast I have, for oranges and veggies I eat everyday, for my red blanket on the couch, for waking up to sunshine leaking through the whole bedroom, for my man around me all the time, for my phone that allow me staying connected with my whole family in Indonesia, for morning walks to the bus stop, for afternoon/evening walks back home, sometimes with my face towards the sunshine feeling the warmth throughout my body, for my coworkers that stay positive in this strange time,  for new chances, for my body, my health and my mind, for people who social distancing and those who keep distancing from others to stop coronavirus spreading. On today's blogspot I thought I'd love to take you through some of my pictures to get to know what I have been up to lately.

I have been loving this minimalist aesthetic to wear throughout spring/summer this year as I am about to slowly downsize my wardrobe. No more loud patterns or colorful clothes, I am all about these earth tones and simple, comfy pieces that last me forever. I am dreaming of us laying by the sea in minimalist looks, just enjoy the sound of wave, loving life as it is.

This look I am really drawn to at the moment: short-wavy hair, white button down, gold jewelries. I could live in this for the whole spring/summer, or only in this look for the whole holiday. I find it so versatile to wear either to the beach, to the city, and mix and matching with any other piece of clothes. 

This plant, a new member in our house, stands next to our record player now. Bought it anytime in February, way back before this coronavirus wave, I am glad it's in our living room now. I honestly have no clue what this plant is, all I know is this is just plain beautiful.

I bought this magazine right after the german media announced that corona has reached Europe. I felt emptiness in the street, in people.. it was those first days of weirdness. I stumbled upon this page and all of a sudden, my heart was full. It was about slowing down and appreciating life all along, and we all get so busy, somehow it feels strange to just staying in. 

Those sneakers, taking me everywhere, back when we were allowed to go outside. I love this shot, reminding me so much about the freedom, that I am entitled to who I am, we all are. With my pants there that I bought last year, so cozy to wear both during cold days and warm days.

I have been looking for a versatile beach/shopping bag that will last me forever. I accidentally discovered this beautiful handmade bag on etsy earlier this month and I can't believe I decided to custom my own size a few days later! What a stunning bag it is, made using 100% recycled cotton rope, on the way to me now. Yay!!

Such a lovely moment to capture: sunlight fell on our hands together on my lap. We love to holding hands together (sometimes our fingers tapping to music) at every opportunity whilst driving car very carefully. I remember it's one of those rituals we have while we were dating back then.. I loved it so much, and love it still!

I find the necklace to be such a delicate addition to my spring look these days. I started my jewelry collection since three years now, and this is probably one of my favorite combo so far!!

The view I wake up to every morning: my straw hat hangs next to that mirror, which my man didn't want me to buy in the first place, and turned out to be the prettiest decor in our bed room. I love how it compliments the rest, and... it's a mirror!

Veggie rolls.. aahh how delicious! I've made it twice the past weeks now, the recipe itself is not that elaborate, but it took time and patience, and I promise it's the best healthy veggie dinner you'll have if you wanna try out something new during quarantine. 

(photo from Bohemegoods)

This top.. so good! I mean the whole look, I'd totally buy the whole look. If you haven't check the website out- Bohemegoods, you really should. It's a vintage online shop by Sarah Shabacon and she has been inspiring me on Instagram since almost three years now. She'll launch her own S/S collection very soon and I am so excited about it. But I am really drawn to such tops now, simple and sleek, no more and no less.

Yes, and always. I ordered Educated by Tara Westover the other day and the first pages were mind blowing and plain beautiful! I am really into her writing, might as well reading the next pages but it's weekend and I finally have time for it. 

What are you doing at home? And are you guys working from home now? So far, I am still able to work since I am a medical staff in one of medical practices here in Saxony, wearing face and hand masks all the time, but I am glad to help whatever I could. I hope you guys have a relaxing and safe weekend and take a good care of yourself!

until then.


Britt Correia said…
LOVE this article so much. As terrible and devastating this virus has been, it's forced humanity, as a whole, to sort of slow down and have more appreciation for the little things.

Hope you and your family are staying healthy & safe!

Check out my latest article if you get a chance :)
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