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Spring Moodboard 2020.

During the quarantine with high frequency of staying in and lounging around the house all day, inspiration doesn't come easy and I get it why. All of our plans got cancelled this year and we feel low motivation day by day. I mean we are all in this together, so I think it's common for each of us these days. I have decluttered my closet, our files, my iphone-pics, emails, read magazines, and it's simply not there. We took a quick afternoon walk yesterday, but the day was so lovely it turned out to be a three-hours walk. You know, the spring has officially sprung over here and our city is finally experiencing some sunshine. It reminded me of the beautiful things in life, the things that still provide us during these hard times, and how we're all just trying to be alive and healthy somewhere and somehow this pandemic still remain. As spring approaches and it's just pretty out, envisioning the life after quarantine is the way that helps me to keep going, and it all started with a moodboard. On today's blogpost I thought I'd share the pictures I discovered on Pinterest that get me into the spring vibe..

So tell me, what makes you keep inspired in these uncertain times?  Is a moodboard something for you? I wish you all a wonderful and relaxing day and be careful, my friends!

until then.


Mica said…
What lovely neutral inspiration images! thanks for sharing! :)

Hope that you are having a good week :)

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