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Black Lives Matter.

Hello guys! I have been taking a step back from the things going on around the world to reflect on myself, listen, learn, and take it all in. While I ensure to keep you informed on any updates about my life, it still doesn't feel right not to mention about what is happening with black community in the USA right now. My heart has been so heavy thinking about the pain they have to go through daily, and it's time to change. I myself doesn't have that 'white privilege' everywhere throughout my stay in Europe, but I certainly can never compare it with those with darker skin tone than mine. I know the struggles for equality and that's alone due to my national origin. I certainly have difficulty to be equal in school, job interviews, and it is just not okay to accept such circumstances because as the matter of fact, we are all one human race. Unfortunately racism happens everywhere, everyday, and this time around, we won't accept anymore. It affects all of us. I acknowledge that living outside the USA is not an excuse to stay silent. Addressing this issue is a small step that we all can take, as well as learning more, reading articles, reflecting on your surrounding and paying attention to what they value and stand for. We all must educate ourselves to part of this change. I acknowledge that all lives cannot matter until black lives matter. I vow to continue to support black community as much as I can and be actively anti-racist because being non-racist is not enough.

pic by Jack Davison

pic by Sho Shibuya

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