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Hiking experience // Part I - High Tatra, Poland.

 Hello guys! How are you? I hope you are doing well and safe during this time of uncertainty. R and I just got back from our vacation in Poland, specifically in Zakopane. One of my colleagues had a beautiful hike on the High Tatra mountains and we were so impressed by its nature that we have to go there as well! We surely took all the precautions while traveling including washing our hands thoroughly and disinfect them regularly, keeping distance from others as much as possible, and of course, wearing a mask while being indoor. It was not easy and to be honest, we get used to all of them because we want to make sure that we travel safely and avoid the coronavirus as much as possible. We have come to a decision that we went on a road trip instead of flying, and since it's a hiking vacation, we spent most of the time outdoor. The vacation itself consisted of two days of hiking, a day of exploring the city and the rest were rest days - and yes we needed those in between! 

Our intention was to begin our hiking journey to Morskie Oko, but we were kind of unprepared for its mass tourism. We left by 9:30 and boy, was it a mistake! Got stuck in a traffic jam for over an hour, we were about to park nearby and instead sent away due to the missing parking reservation. Yes, we do have to book one. I couldn't believe I've read that part somewhere online and decided to ignore it. lol! We went on a hike in the KoĊ›cieliska Valley that day though, which lies west of Tatra. In spite of the frustration, we found solace in the opportunity to have a pleasant day hike with such a beautiful view. The weather has shown its best side, too, so you can tell how lucky we were! 

It belongs to Tatra National Park so the entrance costs 6 PLN per person. Walking in 4 hours and over 7 miles in total felt very exhausting for an unexperienced people like us, but the view makes it all worthwhile! At the end of the road we arrived at the Ornak mountain hut. It seems like you can go to the toilet there and get some delicious meals and beverages, as well as accommodations. But we were very energized to go on, a.k.a. walk back without a break. I am so proud of us to achieve that hike because I really enjoyed it, not to mention that it was both our first time hiking! 

Have you ever been on a hiking vacation? If yes, have you done some research to get prepared for it? Please tell me how and where that was, I am curious! I wish you all a wonderful day!

until then.

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