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My Recent Beauty Buys // Sept 2020.

Finding the right beauty products is not an easy task, and as a young woman I feel like I am far from being done with this journey. Nowadays there are endless platforms to get informations, my favorites are Blog, Youtube and actually, Instagram! Many inspiring people out there, especially make-up artists, are willing to share their holy grail products, and many of them have worked as well for me! So on today's blogpost I thought I'd love to continue sharing the products I ordered online and dying to try out since I am totally sold on all of them.

ps. This is not a paid collaboration. I bought all of these products by myself for my personal experience. 

I have been enjoying and loving this skincare line since three years now. All of their products are vegan based, cruelty-free and, Australian made (love their products!). Also, they implement coffee into many of their products, which smell amazing! While I have been adjusting my skincare routine accordingly, this one stays all year round in my routine. I desperately looked for the right lip balm since my lips are constantly chapped and no balm - literally none I've tried - actually works for me. Gladly I found this and it has been my company since. It doesn't make my lips dry (I am sure you know one or two of those balms that make you feel like that after applying), highly moisturizes and locks it on your lips for hours. So, this is definitely my holy grail when it comes to lips-hydrating!

To be honest, I had been eyeing MAC products for quite a long time now and this is my first ever product I finally bought from them! For some reason, the pandemic made me want to try something different and since there is not really an event to attend to lately, red colored lipstick can be a reason to just dress up and go outside again, even if it's 'only' a dinner date with R. Darker toned lipstick has been my favorite when it comes to Fall and I'd love to try out this beautiful 'classic' lipstick. It has a creamy texture and such a stunning color: warm-toned and kind of brick red, perfectly compliments my tanned skin tone. 

Primer is one of those product I'd love to apply regularly in the future. I notice that I need something to control the oil since I feel like I become quite greasy after an 10-hours shift at work, so I am glad I ordered this one as well. I haven't applied it yet since it just came in my mail after my vacation and we have no plans during the rest of the week so I'll definitely let you know when I do. Laura Mercier has been one of those beauty line I always come back to because their product never fail me to look flawless and I am pretty sure that this will also work well on me! 

Since I have KP for over 5 years now, I try to improve my routine regularly according to my skin condition. I do have a prescribed lotion by my dermatologist due to its severe itchiness but I do believe I still can do more for it. I did a lot of research when it comes to the routine and many people recommend to exfoliate to help clear 'bumps' up. I was curious and stumbled upon one of my fav youtubers Nicole Elise, and I am beyond happy that she made a detailed video of her KP-skin routine. She has inspired me to buy this (since the other body scrub mentioned in the video is not really available here in Europe) and I cannot wait to implement this into my skincare routine as well!

I am aware that this is not necessarily Fall-related beauty buys (except the lipstick part), but I hope I still can inspire you to try out one of these too with me and get you in the mood for Fall! Perhaps you've tried one of them in the past? Let me know! I wish you all a wonderful weekend.

until then.

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