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Monday Look: Striped Tee

it's monday again, it means another Monday Look!

we went to the big park in the city again today and we discovered a beautiful old building in the middle of it. it was pretty small, built in 1680 (MDCLXXX), like many buildings here in Germany. we thought we could find out what that is but there wasn't any description about it. it looks like a castle, but it is surrounded by a big green park (of course not green in winter) and it could only be a Palais. 

it was a really big park, and we didn't even go through the half of it in an hour. but it must be wonderful in summer, where the flowers bloom again. we would definitely visit the park again soon! 

i paired my striped tee with my favorite gray trenchcoat. it is completed with blue jeans and black boots. it's light, simple yet classy and it fits in winter time, the weather where i always have to wear five pieces and a big thick jacket. it was almost 10 degrees warmer tho!

what do you think about the outfit? let me know! 
have a good start into the week!
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