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Monday Look: Turtleneck Shirt

You guys! It was sunny here in Germany and i'm so happy about it. It means, spring is coming!

We took advantage of winter's warmer temperatures by going outside today and explore another places to take a walk. We love to go to a park or a big field where you can see a beautiful landscape or even sunset. Since we do not know so many places here, we just open maps, find dark green areas (where it marked as park of course!) and we are headed there! it is interesting though, that we presumed it is a green park as it has been shown. but it is winter, and we only saw a big field covered with snow! We laughed so hard because we didn't see any green places there. We stopped off there however because of a beautiful landscape but it was so windy we couldn't stand it! So we are heading back to a park we used to go an hour later. There were so many people but it was a beautiful day!

I paired my beige trenchcoat with my favorite gray turtleneck shirt, black jeans and ankle boots. I love to keep my outfit comfy and casual but still classic.

What do you think about the outfit? And do you like to take a walk on Monday? Share your stories with me! You know I love to hear from you!

Have a great day!
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