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3 Places You Have to Visit in Berlin

Traveling is one of those activities my man and i LOVE to do together and we wish to do every month. It is fun and we have the chance to get to know other cultures and see other places. Great thing is that we can go everywhere driving our car because it does not take so long and it is comfortable! You can bring so many luggages you want and you know you need some rest stops in the midst of a road trip. But sometimes it can be stressful that you wish you just take a train. And this time, finally, we did!

Last week my man and i visited Berlin. It was amazing because we finally can spend time together without getting stressed of driving car. It is kind of annoying that we have to wake up earlier but i have to say it is worthy!

First things first, dunkin’ donuts! I am a fan and i have been craving donuts for so long and it was never able to get any donuts in our city. It was my lucky day because here in Berlin there are so many of them! Like, everywhere! We went to Brandenburger Tor by U-Bahn and bought some immediately at the train station because i thought i wouldn’t find it anywhere again! Haha!

The Brandenburg Gate

Most of us know if you are here in Berlin, you gotta see the Brandenburg Gate! Here in Germany we call it Brandenburger Tor. It is Berlin's most famous landmark, which separated East from West Berlin politically and geographically before 1989, when Germany was reunified following the fall of the Berlin Wall in November the same year. Brandenburger Tor reinvented itself into the New Berlin’s symbol of unity. It is also surrounded by Embassies which are French, US, UK and many important government buildings. It is beautiful there and indeed an excellent historical building!

The Berlin Cathedral

As we walked to Alexander Platz, we saw a really beautiful place! It is Lustgarten and we discovered The Berlin Cathedral close to it. This Cathedral was initially constructed between 1747 and 1750 under Friedrich the Great as a baroque church. It is so magical i can't even! 

Alexanderplatz & Weltuhrzeit

After that, we kept walking to Alexanderplatz, which is around 2 km away from The Brandenburg Gate. Actually it was not difficult to get there because of the TV-Tower (Fernsehturm). It is located directly next to Alexanderplatz and it can be seen from almost any position in Berlin. We also want to see Weltzeituhr but this was pretty hard to find because we came from other side of Alexanderplatz and there are so many buildings around it so we needed to walk around to finally be there.
Unfortunately it was raining heavily all day and the wind was blowing so hard we almost lost our umbrella that we bought there! Also, attempting to balance the umbrella on the neck and shoulder while i try to use my hands for camera is HARD, guys! But it was a lovely day and we had so much fun!

Have you ever been in Berlin? If yes, which place have you visited and which would you recommend? Tell me your stories! I love to hear from you! Have a great day!


Rach said…
I had no idea Berlin had Dunkin' Donuts! Love all the sites! I would love to see the Cathedral!
me neither! and you should see the Cathedral if you visit Berlin! it's beautiful!!
have a great day!
Unknown said…
Thank you for those addresses! I've always dreamt of visiting Berlin!
Toks said…
Good post. I've never been to Berlin, but I lived in Munich for a year. xoxo
You should one day!
Have a great weekend!
Thanks girl!
Have a great weekend!
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